[KT-CS] ✩Null-sec Corp✩ ✩Now Accepting Apps✩

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✩ Kontained Chaos ✩

Kontained Chaos is a Null-sec Corporation
Proudly Member Directed & Oriented.

We are seeking both experienced PvP Pilots and those serious about learning PvP/Null-sec Sov Warfare.

We currently offer:
:heavy_check_mark:Family Friendly Alliance
:heavy_check_mark:Max Rorqual boosts
:heavy_check_mark:Ship Replacement Program
:heavy_check_mark:Multiple offices to base your operations.
:heavy_check_mark:Experienced leadership
:heavy_check_mark:Null-sec training provided
:heavy_check_mark:PvP Gatecamps/Roams
:heavy_check_mark:A friendly & helpful community
:heavy_check_mark:Corp website providing multiple features.
:heavy_check_mark:TS3 & Mumble Voice Comms
:heavy_check_mark:Member-directed & oriented (via polls)
:heavy_check_mark:Corp Buyback Program
:heavy_check_mark:Corp Rewards Program
:heavy_check_mark:Alts accepted
& so much more!!!

We Expect:
□ Full API
□ Alliance & Coalition Registration
□ Group Participation
□ Voting and Feedback
□ Green Killboard
□ Mature Attitude

Currently Accepting Pilots for:
❂ Indy
❂ PvP
❂ PvE
❂ Exploration

For more information:

  • Contact us via in-game Chat Channel “KT-CS Public
  • Contact us on Discord!
  • Visit our Corp Website!

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Still accepting applications.