L.D.K - Low/Null small scale PvP corp is recruiting

About us
We are and old & stable corp (weturned 10 Years recently) & we are currently recruiting new active members to join our group. We have grown as part of TEST alliance, later joined OSS followed by a move to a low sec Small scale PvP alliance.

What are we looking for
Experienced and new eve pilots are welcome to join. We prefer quality instead of quantity when it comes to fleets, our group has a lot of experienced players who will gladly share their experience in order to have a blast.

What do we offer
We offer daily roaming fleets, camping parties & ally level pew pew on a daily basis, to suit your liking. Blops, caps & super caps are used regularly along with doctrine fleets so each day brings new content.

Where do we live
Currently we reside in Forge region, in a low sec area with daily roaming around neighboring Null sec & FW areas. Within close proximity to Jita market hub.

Languages we speak
English / Russian / Lithuanian

How to apply
Join our public channel in game LDK PUBLIC & have a chat with us.
Also you can in-game message me STOSHKUS S and let’s take it from there.

Fly mad & see you soon \o/

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