L4 Bounties not adjusted to difficulty?

This is an example of a good bounty on a very tuff lev 4 Dram…
They do not drop anything… but at least the bounty is somewhat ok…
I just would like more equal bounties on these things, outside Burner mission also…

“I don’t make enough ISK in near-perfect safety.”


Would you run the Burner Angel in a 600Mil Hecate Fit? Yes or No?
Safety is an illusion in Eve…

Yes, I would burner missions in a 600mil ship.

is there someone who isn’t doing that?!

There’s a 100Mil prize for the Pilot that can make it in my Hecate fit and post a proof of success.

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Actually, I’m looking forward to that also. Interested to see how many more leave EVE.

L1 and L2 are not worth doing. Funny thing is when they were struggling in the past with lag, they altered mission givers located near borders to give missions in low-sec, result it bunched more people together further away from the borders.

Nobody in their right mind will be doing crappy pay-out L3 and L4 missions in low-sec as the risks far out way the rewards.

The more I see these weird ideas from CCP the more I’m convinced they’re trying to make enough leave so they can shut the servers down.


no… all npc pirates should be removed from high sec… put into low or null even…

make all high sec combat missions anti faction…

But what’s the point, you won’t get players going to low-sec, they’ll just leave the game. Or is that the point?

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right now… missions just pass the time while i chat with friends… no intentions of having my game play dictated…

i do not see mission runners in high sec going to null or low sec for missions…

should I be forced to make a choice i’ll set up a 5 year skill queue and just walk away for another 5 years…

anyhow where is this “proof” on what @CCP_Rattati said…

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Try a different ship for buzzkill. A turret ship or drone boat won’t have the same problem as your missile ship. You can even warp in at range on that mission.


hey stop trowing trash im my home…
i need to buy a ■■■■■■■ pitbull :frowning:

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Doggie! \o/


Or ignore it.

IF it’s a bad mission, skip it. THAT is intelligence
If you know it’s bad , and still do it… Then you can’t complain.


Said no Abyssal runner ever.

That guy has not said a thing about this. Rattati is just trolling everyone with his Wombat alt by saying things that are perfectly in line with what Rattati could have said because it follows the general mad tendencies of that developer.


Preposterous! Moving missions requires doing actual work which we all know CCP won’t do. So instead sec status in all L4 missions must be reduced below 0.4!

Me because missions are boring crap from last decade.

Should the prize not be more than the cost of taking part ?

If done right, missions are more fun than any of the new age PVE content that CCP came up with in the last decade. They are more varied than Abyss, Incusions, Anoms, DEDs; they offer a more varied difficulty spectra than any of the above; they can just be done whenever you like and don’t require too much in terms of preparation or setup. They are just good and way more balanced than any of the new PVE content since Rattati took over.