L4 Mission Brawler

i think you miss something about the term brawling

And still only one person noticed that OP don’t understand what he wants.

I noticed this too :slight_smile:

fit please?

Used to use a RHML dual rep Arma, loaded with drones for every type of enemy. It was capable to tanking lvl4 blockade missions without having worrying about triggering extra waves accidentally.
Fit cost about 1.8bil.

Now use a long range, dual rep Leshak, even with a good supply of light drones and geckos it hardly has the chance to use them other than to kill NPC structures.
Fit allows you to warp in 100km off mission sight and pull npc ships. Normal by the time you clear the first target locked NPC’s none have reach 60km form you, and you’ve already reloaded your targets with new pulls.

Yes some will say Leshak is only good for structure bashing, but if uses right a Leshak can solo lvl missions with ease. I’ve done heaps of lvl4 mission solo in a Leshak and Epic Arcs as well.

Only down side is the time between frigate/destroyer turret locking, as normally i one shot these and have to wait till turret finish cycle before can firing on the next one.

Battleships are no issue, just close range and switch to close range ammo and drop drones on them.

Structures well as many already know these are no issue, just need to be with your turret range and cycle turret up to full power, and you even have dead stations in a few minutes.

Fit cost slightly more than the Arma RHML fit.

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