L4 Missions Need Rewards+

Thanks for your response. However faction standing is completely separate to the whole isk payout issue. I don’t have a problem with faction standing.

Please see my recent thread on high-sec capital ship idea. I want FUN. Battleships (as they currently are) are not FUN.

For those interested:

I’d put it on 50% scale, but apparently the options aren’t available on mobile.
At least in desktop mode. I will change it once I’m on my notebook.

Apparently the option is missing completely, for some reason.

Personally I find Low Accuracy/High precision HILARIOUS, because it’s like INSITING ON MISSING THE TARGET WITH UPMOST SATISFACTION! : D


Prove it. Right now it’s just empty affirmations.

Farming in NS anoms in a super gives more money in raw isk/h that in loot/salvage/escalation. (a 20M bounty anom holds ±10M worth of loot+salvage, + 3% chance of escalation worth 150M average=> 14.5M total loot+salvage+escalation)
Doing incursions gives more money in raw isks that in LP (something like a quarter of the value lies in LP).
farming C5 anoms give more blue loot than non-blue loot.

The only high end activity that does not produce isks is rorqual mining.

On the same thought … how do you make 100mill an hour doing lvl4s?

That seems to be quite a lot.


I’m not going to bother other than to say that Incursions are a notable exception, and the exception does not make the rule.

it’s not an exception, it’s a proof you are wrong.

an exception to the general rule make this general rule false.

And I gave you 3 exceptions to that general rule.

yea but if you raise the min wage then the cost of living will also increase even more…

though I support a huge increase in value of salvage, loots, and rewards in lp and isk overall for lv 3 and lv 4 missions.

I wish CCPlease would put a cap on plex. and find another item in game to allow the value to fluxtuate to greatly…

No one has really questioned the value difference here…

How long at anyones job will it take to earn yourself the $15 to buy the plex per account?

How long do you have to sit there and mine or run missions or rat or gate camp to make the 2 billion isk you need to plex per account?

Is there a huge difference? Someone map this out… maybe the value is totally COCKED after all?

search on the net you’ll find lots of tutorials.


Let’s say it’s doable, but definitely not consistently or for everyone.

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How much isk/hr would you say?

Closer to 50m/hr, excluding Project Discovery done concurrently

you misunderstood that post. In that post I am talking about TOTAL isk/h not RAW isk/h. achieving raw 100M/h consistently is easily doable for anyone (excluding alphas).

Alphas can reach 40M raw isk/h I think (waiting for the datas for confirmations).

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No. You’re mistaking this with theories, which are proven to be false when there’s a single proof that it indeed is false.

General rules aren’t theories. The saying that exceptios, in general, confirm the rule is correct. General rules are general, which means that exceptions must exist.

As a general rule, drinking milk is fine. Lactose intolerant people know this to be true and will confirm the general rule, because there’s nothing wrong with drinking milk. Yet they don’t drink milk, because they can’t properl handle it. The exception confirms the rule. There’s plenty of those, just need to think about it.


Hmmm I know you’ve said to not focus primarily or at all on the moolah.

But I think I’ve surpassed this or am about equivalent from just site scanning and wormholing.

I havent even gotten into ninja gas mining or Lv4 missions…

Which means I just lean on the side that Lv4 is comparable to other income sources.

Which suggests all basic incomes are “too low” or plex is “too high” or that the game is designed that way.

That is sad, I make 500-600 mil an hour, actual isk in cargo after operations and we leave salvage to rust… lol … you all sticking to high sec running missions is ■■■■ isk imo.

Im making ■■■■ isk, tbh… by comparrison. Eve has really made it difficult to climb that cliffside I see, unless you bott, or have the $ to sub 6 accounts for a year at least, to get you some decent alts going…

PLEX was never designed to be easily procured by those relying on basic income anymore than those on welfare should be able to comfortably afford a Cadillac

PLEXing your account via casual gameplay is only attained with a combination of higher end activity and/or passive income generation.

I absolutely hope all participants in this discussion do not wrongly assume that PLEX should be an attainable goal for literally anyone, especially new players.

It shouldn’t, for a variety of reasons.

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not at all.

Sure it was, I remember 300 mil plex… and the ease of running c4 - c5 - c6 wh sites giving 600 mil per site or more!!! and being able to run them in just 15 min - 30 min.

imo the reason plex is inceasing so much is because of the number of subs is decreasing while the number of botters, super ratters, etc… like ease of big isk, maybe c6 russians too… is greatly increasing

Here “basic income” refers to easy HS things like L4 missions, not c4-c6 WH sites