L4 missions restricted to small class ships

Hello. I’m returning player. Played a lot of EVE couple years ago, was mainly PvE pilot and now want to PvE too with alt training toward PvP. Running mostly missions as incursions is too long time to wait for fleet so not efficient for me with my limited time slots to play EVE. So. I have settled near Tash-Murkon Prime where my IRL friends are playing with new corp etc. so I joined them and helping them getting started. To fill my time and get some real ISK I started doing missions for Minmatar Republic Security Services. Rushed through L3 (as my standing with Minmatar is not high enough to do L4 for every Minmatar corp) and I was shocked when received L4 mission that can be done only in frigate size ship! Not even a destroyer, only frigates. Also those missions have at least double the ISK and LP points! My question is: does any assault ffrigate will do? Or there is some specific most preferred ship class to do them? I’m 100% Gallente but since those are smalls I could easly learn any T2 frigate within let’s say a month so no problem with different nation.

These are Burner missions, and quite a different kind of beast. There’s a complete Burner guide that I suggest you read through before embarking on any of these. Burner missions are not forgiving and you can and will die horribly if you don’t have a specific ship and fit. These can be run solo or as a team and pay really, really well. Also note that there are three series: Anomic (frigates), Anomic Team (also frigates) and Anomic Base (cruisers).

Blitz and Burner Guide
Burner Guide and Ships to Solo Them


What Arthur said and pay close attention to the example fits. If there are deadspace modules mentioned, you really do have to get those.

Burner are no joke, they will web and scram you, except for the Talos, those only have a 30km long point and no propulsion mod.
However, they do have 300km range blasters and will violate you from far away.

Do read the mission reports closely and if you see a Wyvern in the information tab, skip this one.


hmm the agent blood will scram you for sure, however the guristas agent won’t.

The random mission generator didn’t want me to try this one yet. Will try it as soon as I get the offer.

The payouts are higher because the rats are quite bad for your health.

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