L4 Missions

Don’t waste your time… Even SOE is ~1500/LP for sell orders

(^only buy prices)
Unless someone is paying really good for grinding standings, it’s not worth it.

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They’re paying 3.8bil to raise standing from 0.0-9.0. I don’t know how long this takes. If this can be done within 40 hrs, then it’s better than full clearing missions in Apanake.

If you’re talking about the burning missions, the main advantage of Lanngisi isn’t the agent being SOE.

Hello OP,

As others have said it really depends how you run the missions.

Typically with the right set ups(and mission experience) a full loot/salvage/kill + LP conversion can net you somewhere in the ballpark of 50-112 million ISK per hour on avg. maybe up to 150.

Dual boxing can net you up towards the ballpark of 200 million per hour.
and triple boxing or working with others in a fleet can net upwards to 300-350 million ) (500 if you are boxing)

personally the most I have made in the past is around 5-6 billion in a single 8 hr session (with breaks) after doing LP store conversion and using the market.

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The reason why its 9.0 base. Cal Navy is the main Hub for Jita. To lower broker/relist fees, they need max standings. The broker/relist Fee goes off of base standings, not effective. and its due to how much effort it take to go from 8-9, which is the same effort to go from -10 to 0

Take into account that you can translate LP to isk !

I regularly buy stuff from the LP store and sell them to Jita for a good price