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how is jspace dead lmao

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Hello everyone,

Fresh faced (kinda) and back form the holidays, I thought I’d pick this up again.

Thank you to everyone that sent me links showing heat maps and providing me with evidence that J-Space is in fact not dead, but I was already aware of that fact and while some of the eagle eyed among you may have noticed the quotation marks, for the record, I do not believe J-Space is dead… although I have it on good authority that EvE has been dying since the early 00’s.

That does still not take away from my next line though about wanting to generate content and if anyone has a serious and genuinely good reason why we at least shouldn’t try to generate more content, then please feel free to shove it up your arse.

Now, to address the main issue people seem to be bringing up here, the similarity to Thera and yes, I will say there are certainly similarities but I feel this idea may be different in just enough to try and either get more Wormholer’s roaming round a specific set of J-Sigs but also maybe coax some of those living in K-Space in for the “LOL’s” or even just to see what it is like.

Thera is a static system
What I mean by this is that while Thera may have a number of ways in which to enter (something not dissimilar to how I select my sexual partners), it is still a static in the sense that it doesn’t change. If we were to host an event like this in Thera, people could just dock up, buy stuff, leave ships there and week in, week out stage from there. Which defeats the point of what we want to do in having a few systems identified as “hot zones” that will be easily accessible for people to roam about in and look for content… and on that point…

Thera has too many Wormholes
While Thera is great to get into, it isn’t so great to dive from (now sit the ■■■■ down fanboys for two seconds and hear me out) in the sense that if 3 or 4 corps decide to go diving from Thera looking to kill each other, unless you leave scouts on a load of holes, see where they went or otherwise have intel, it could literally be hours before you found them just because of the sheer number of possible ways they could have gone. And that is just from Thera, once they dive into another chain from a hole off Thera they could be anywhere.

Thera is a hotzone… but also much more
People use Thera for a number of things. Personally I think I have a Panther and some Force Recons there for BLOPSing, others keep scouts in there, people live in there, you have market alts that trade in there and while all this is great for Thera, it doesn’t necessarily generate the type of content we are trying to generate more of being roaming gangs, hunting in an area of J-Space in the knowledge that they will either find someone, or be found themselves. They way I see Thera is like PUBG at the start of the game where as this is more like PUBG after the map has shrunk a few times.

@Saeger1737 & @IcyMind Arierep
Yes. We will not actually participate in the event itself and will facilitate it. What that means in reality is we will host a website that has a live screen grab from Tripwire or Pathfinder (or both?) and it will show all the connections and sigs. People will then be expected (if they want to) to update their own corp’s TW/PF with the intel, thus removing any claims we are farming data by asking people to use our own TW/PF.
We will scan down new sigs (likely posting in whatever local hole we are in so people know the probes on D are ours) and map a route/scan the sigs etc. We will likely only scan WH’s.
We will also anchor a public citadel which we intend to lose after the op. We don’t care if it gets blown up so don’t expect any shiny loot dropping (unless someone is silly… looking at you Kanly Aideron). The system with the public structure will be the “home” system for the event and we will likely then map all WH’s as far as we can picking as many that go to K-Space as possible. The “hotzone” will probably be the home system +/- all WH’s connected to it. This is not because we want to restrict PVP to those systems but if people want to know where other people will be looking for action, it needs to be kept to a few systems otherwise we have the same challenge as Thera.

@Tyler Twilley
Not sure what you mean her mate. Do you mean “can you use the ingame chat” or do you mean “will be be hosting a Discord chat” or something like that?

EDIT: Yes, there will be ingame chat set up :slight_smile:

OK, sorry for the delay in coming back to everyone, hope that clears up a few things.
Now, back to work (me that is!).


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Just “bumping” before I go skiing. Will be back in a week so post any more comments, questions or trolls and I will answer them when I get back.


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OK… New Update.

Turns out we will soon not have any connection to J-Space :frowning: but never the less, I still want to do this.

Currently setting up a website to post the details of the systems etc and trying to get support for promoting… an ISD contacted me but they have since gone silent :frowning:(wow… two frowns in one post…)

Still open to questions, interest and troll if people want to ask.


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Whaaaaaaaaaa? New player here, and I just joined a Jspace Corp because I am looking forward to that content…

So forgive my silly question, but what do you mean no more Jsapce?

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Thera is what your looking for.

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