***Lack of Content? Not anymore.....***

So… “J-Space is dead…” Well, we want to try and change that…
As a Corp, we looked at J-Space and thought, “why not try and do something about generating content?”

So, what we would like to do, is open up a “Wormhole Warzone”… of sorts.

What we want to do, is pick a random J-hole, probably within 2 from a K-Space or HS static.
Then what we want to do, is anchor a citadel in that hole for all to use.
Finally, we want to publicly post all entrances and routes over a 24/36 hour period to that system, creating a monthly “Battle Royale” zone in J-Space every month.

The hope being, we have a “stage” system with a HS that is 1 or 2 down the chain that is publicly known for people that want to come and hunt/gank/camp etc… That’s it. Genuinely.

We might also drop reinforced loot but that will be once numbers increase (if they do) but to be honest, we are doing this for content generation… not to give away ■■■■.
Valhalla wont be taking part in the first few we run to hopefully distance ourselves from any “Oh, you guys are just farming the data etc” accusations. Honestly, the aim of this is to try and facilitate a “hot zone” of activity where Wormholer’s can chose to venture into in the hope that content will be had… general thought process being, “Well, if we are here, others probably are?”

So, for anyone of the “Bushido Code” that wants to roam an area of J-Space that will hopefully, have other like-minded WH’s doing the same, comment here.

We will probably run this once a month but see how it goes and whether anyone is interested.

Wormholes will be selected at random but efforts will be made (in the early days) to make sure they are uninhabited, with either a K-Space static or low class WH that has a HS static to allow people to get in.
We will also provide all available “back-doors”, in case anyone decided to camp the HS (looking at you WDS!) and every effort will be made to simply facilitate J-Space PvP.

Anchored Freeports will be basic Citadels, no fuel, no bays but will allow for docking and refits… also, blow it up if you like, we have already accepted the fact every citadel we anchor is written off :slight_smile:


Edit (2 Jan 2019): I know I shouldn’t update more than once in a 24 hour period but I’m already top of the forum so not really “bumping” the post. In Game chat channel: Wormhole Warzone


actually sounds like fun for folks.


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Literally all we want to do is facilitate the PvP in J-Space… let everyone else decide how that happens… this is EvE right :wink:

If you belong to a WH corp, mention it and see if there is appetite :slight_smile:



So, turns out this is happening… and I either need to lose a decade or hand off to someone else but, a website will be up soon™.
Ill post here the link when it’s ready :slight_smile:

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Don’t you make me come over there SSJ.
If we show up WDS won’t show up, and I can’t gift them another hus…sadly.

Hope you’re well my dude!

Firstly, don’t threaten me with a good time…
Secondly, you guys interested?

If you are referring to content, yes and or duh.

Also…content is coming out of my ears atm.

So :stuck_out_tongue: to ‘wormholes are dead’

That isnt my opinion btw… just the general consensus afaik

Been in wormholes for eons. Not dead, never is. https://zkillboard.com/kills/w-space/ If you ever see this at two/three days on the first page, lemme know.

I’m not saying it’s “dead”… that was just a click-bait.
And while I don’t want to ■■■■ on anyone’s KB, I’m trying to generate content for J-Space so please, either contribute or wave your massive (all the guys are jealous) e-peen in the direction of the nearest strip club because they are the only people likely to give a ■■■■.


EDIT = Spelling

given the traction this has had on Reddit/FB and the forum, I think the first event will be Jan 23rd. System yet to be decided.

I know a wonderful C3 pulsar that is ripe with salt and killmails.

Could be a nice “random” hole then :wink:

Translation: We just spent 6 months seeding caps into a hole/building them and want to bait stuff into an ambush

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There is a WH for that already

Thera re-inventing?

You mean kinda like thera but with all the holes being publicly routed

only if we had a WH public station and organization dedicate to map it .

Geez. Doesn’t take long to draw the cynics, does it? Ssj’s idea is a good one. A monthly adhoc PVP-fest as opposed to what the regular Thera fanboys, and the risk-averse Wingspan cloaky camper types get up to.

Can we expect an in-game chat for this?