LAG , lag and more lag

wondering been a week tht the game unplayable , just sitting and chating , today chat doesnt work .
… is the game gona be playable again or its the end of it ?

hope it resolve in the other week but will not renew omega til stable .

All things end I suppose, if the DDOS is never ending 24/7/365 for eternity and CCP doesn’t eventually fix the servers and solve all the problems connecting to them…than yeah it might be the end.

Alternatively, DDOS will stop eventually, servers get running properly again and everything will return to normal.

My bet is one day we will be playing Eve again like normal and all this mess will be behind us until the next time it happens.

Yeah, it’s called a DDOS attack. It’s been on going for the last 5 days, in case you haven’t been paying attention.

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well b day and counting . … PEARL maybe u should sell back to novator , 350 they problably would buy back . :stuck_out_tongue: