Things were fine until 10 minutes ago

Have 2 accts and logged them off to start training on alts. Now, when I log in on any alt or acct the chat boxes are empty. No names or anything. Also, sometimes it takes 5 mins to load from a black screen. Have tried on 2 different PCs and it is the same problem.

Anyone else having less-than-normal play?

Same issue here

Today after 14-00 Moscow time I go into the game and shows me that I have an Alpha clone, although I paid for 3 months in March. I restarted the game, the omega status appeared, but the whole skill plan flew off and when I try to add skills again, they are not added. Every day, the launcher downloads 10-20 megabytes of something. That’s how it turns out that until 14-00 everything was fine and after those break 16 megabytes were loaded and everything was upside down right away. I can’t even get into account management - An error occured

The particular problem with the chats can be worked around by typing anything in one of the channels and hitting return… that seems to trigger a reconnect for all the chat channels. At least this worked for me…

My big problem is that the game is treating me as an Alpha instead of Omega… yeah, I have Omega paid for the next 12 months and a bit more. The other two toons in this account are fine though.

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