game lagging for anyone else atm? with no tidi notification?

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It’s been laggy since downtime.

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Yup. I just assumed CCP had downsized all the server to save cost. Maybe they dumped echoes on the same hardware.

its a good job that they’re on the ball, their credibility as a provider would be awesome! I mean, it only took 3 weeks for a few of my support tickets to be replied to. Prior to lockdown. Thumbs up guys!

This is a very scary possibility I did not even consider until you mentioned it.

BTW you’ve been relatively quiet no the forums lately - where have you been?

Working, and not playing EVE as much. It’s kinda boring since PA took over so I boiled pretty much all of my active stuff out of the game and just run SP farms and invest now.

Plus the whole “nobody will ever change their mind and/or agree on anything” part of the forum makes it feel like a bit of a time waste :grinning:

Yeah I’m not sure where echoes have gone. With the whole US vs China thing I imagine NetEase won’t have the hardware in China and with no big wars on a lot of the TQ servers are probably sitting idle.

It was laggy for me earlier on, but OK again by the time you’re posting. There were acknowledged problems at Cloudflare, maybe they reappeared for some people ?

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