Large Corporation - Looking for a High Sec & Null Sec Alliance

We are an active, large and industrial based corporation with 200+ members looking for a High Sec Alliance & Null Sec Alliance.

We ideally want to have both a HS & NS base for our members. We have two corporations active that require the following.

HS Require -
Based a maximum 30ish jumps from Jita
Medium to Large Alliance with active members and discord
Regular Ore & Moon Mining Fleets

NS Require -
A base in NS for our members to do all the NS content available

We want to have both corporations linked under one main alliance for our members to be in either the HS or NS corporation or have a character in both.

We can bring you a mature and active team of both new and experienced players to help grow your alliance and help in both HS & NS.

If you have an alliance that would fit our requirements and are interested in recruiting a new corporation please let us know how we can contact you or you can mail me in game.

Maspat Yikes Semah
high-sec null-sec

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Message me in game or stop by our discord and we’ll chat. The Order of Omerta

I know you have specified that you are looking for a high sec alliance. However, have you considered doing industry in null. There are many benefits to doing industry in null. Send me a message in game if you are interested.

Still looking for potential options.

Still looking for an ideal alliance.

Hey let’s have a chat come join our discord!

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