Larry Doogle Wormhole Sales

Current stock:

Looking for a specific type of hole? Need something cleared? Contact me today!


5-1 MAG
5-5 RG
5-3 Pulsar
2-3 vanilla
5-3 Mag

I have vouches from multiple people in the community for the legitimacy of my sales.


Is the C5 still for sale?

Im interested in the C5, is it still 4 Sale?

Currently only wormhole for sale is 5-3 mag but it’s costly because of set up.
Fort 4 dreads 1 rorq 1 carrier 4 marauders and all the rollers scanners and gas huffers.



I bought a prime wormhole from Larry. He was very professional, no tricks. Would 100% recommend to anyone!

Brought a WH from Larry. Extremely patient and very understanding. Definitely took his time to explain everything. No tricks at all and SUPER easy to work with. Most likely one of the rare ones that are very reputable and would definitely work with again and recommend to anyone!

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