Last Stand Enterprise is recruiting!

Last Stand Enterprise is an industrial corporation with infrastructure for moon mining, manufacturing and inventions/research. We are part of the Sixth Empire alliance [6E] that can provide all sort of opportunities, be it PVE or PVP. We are operating in Amarrian space, in highsec with low sec systems nearby.

We’re looking for all types of players; be it miners, builders, researchers, explorers and/or mission runners. Players with a more combat focused mindset can also find their fix with the alliance pvp fleets.

Our member base is concentrated in both the EU and US time zones but we do accept players from all time zones. We live in an area with easy access L4 agents for mission running and there is usually plenty sigs available to dig in if exploration/combat exploration is your cup of tea.

Last Stand Enterprise is very casual. We understand that life intrudes often upon the things that we do in game and its all good with us.

We offer:

  • Every day moon mining
  • Help and assistance for new players
  • Strong Orca support
  • Easy going attitude, no drama
  • Corp Ore Buyback Program
  • Low taxes
  • Part of Sixth Empire alliance to branch out into PVP fleets if you wish
  • Discord

We want:

  • Miners to chew on them ore fields
  • Builders and Researchers to keep our large BPO library busy
  • Combat focused players for the alliance defense
  • People looking for a place to relax and play with like minded players.

Both newbros and veterans are welcome but the applicants will require at least 1 mil SP.

Come chat with us on “Last Stand Recruit channel” channel in game today!

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As a CEO and long time member of Last Stand Enterprise I can say its one of the friendliest and chill corps you will find in Eve. No one cares if you lose a ship here, it is yours anyways.

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still recruiting

Recruitment open, great bunch of guys to hang with!

Quite a few new members joined our ranks, keep up the good work!

Reruitment open!

Bumpity bump

We have got quite a few great new addition to the corp! Recruit open.

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Still open for new recruits. To the top

Hey, I looking for a corp that isn’t isn’t into gang Innocent people.

I offer the main character with 3,660,351 sp. I do mostly Exporation in wh. but I make ships and Charges as well.

@Ross_Sharvas Thank you for your interest. You can also drop by our public in-game channel or drop an application to corp. The recruiters will contact you this weekend.


@Stella_Kafurion Hi buddy! New player here (5mil isk) looking for a nice bunch of people and friends, need to learn a lot from the game :slight_smile: May i ask you how many active players do you have in your corp and if i can get a discord link? Many thanks!


LSE is fairly active on eu/us tz but mainly us time. There is always a crowd in corp chat and our home system is always busy with corp activities. That number is also going up with the recruitment drive.

Its fairly active unless active for you mean a 5000 man corp with hundreds online at any given time.

We have discord channels on both corp and alliance levels.

Join us in the recruit channel or place a corp apps and we will get back to you this weekend.

Fly safe

To the top. Recruitment opened!

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