Launcher is blurry


My game launcher is blurry to the point the text isn’t readable. It’s not constant but it happens a lot. I’ve been trying to get a screenshot, but like all intermittent problems they disappear when you try to show them to someone.

Any sugestions?

Windows 10 pro
3800X on x570
M.2 ssd

And as always with intermittent problems they troll you before you can fix them. This is on the same screen, resolution etc.

Also, I have a 1400p 144Hz and a 4k 60Hz turned 90 degrees.

I’ve seen the launcher take up the top left quarter of its window, or overflow 4x the window so i can only see the top left corner of the launcher in the full window. I think those are due to windows scaling. Haven’t seen yours yet. Almost feels like a graphics driver applying FXAA to desktop

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