Launcher isnt working

My launcher isn’t working either… None of my accounts work… two of which are Omega.

Launcher popped up with a licenses agreement the firs time… no button to agree… second time it did… now all accounts are error cannot connect.

I’m not some computer wiz that can navigate all this (insert colorful remark here), or edit the game, or hack. Hell, I cannot even set up my UI in the game correctly. How the (insert colorful remark here) am I supposed to figure out how to get in the game.

I only restarted playing about a month ago, made two NEW Omega accounts, with a new computer (not the one for 2-3 years ago), downloaded everything, been playing for a month… I also have and use two to three other old ones from time to time. My new accounts get a Cannot connect error… have not even bothered with trying the old ones now from 2-3 years ago as I don’t really use them.

What? did they fire all the security guys and all our accounts are hacked now?

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