One PC logs in the other launcher won't even load

So what am I doing wrong? The one that won’t login has been working fine and was used earlier today, it is a new computer and fresh install of the game. Any help would be great.

Restarted. verified files etc?
Also both are omega accounts right?

Turn both PCs on? … But more seriously, it could be a lot of things. Does the new computer have a working Internet connection? Does it meet the minimum requirements? Do other games run? …

You can also try the General Issues section of the forum.

Multiple omega accounts and great internet connections, i7 8700 NVidia 1080. Worked fine earlier now launcher will not load. Can load all the accounts on the other pc on the same router.

Technically should it all work just fine. So what changed? What else did you do between the last time and now? Did you install any new software? Did you move the PC around? …

The only thing I did was shut it down went to eat and came back and restarted the PC every thing else works fine just eve.

Trying to run an Omega on one PC, and an Alpha on the other?

Did you set it to install the full client and is it still downloading?

Worst case, and because it’s impossible to say what went wrong with so little information, should you just try to uninstall it and reinstall it. See if that does it.

All omega accounts. One PC runs fine the other the launcher won’t even load.
Its a full install. The game was installed Thursday night and I have been playing since then but this afternoon it won’t load.

Has Windows been doing any updates in the background and is it now asking for a reboot?

It is very possible that there was a windows update at some point but I haven’t been prompted to reboot.

Whitehound I do appreciate your trying to help me figure this out

You should see under settings and update if it has a reboot scheduled. If it’s a really new PC then chances are it wants to pull several updates first and this may have stopped it from working until it’s finish. But it’s pure speculation.

Going to bed here now.

Some things you can try

Completely shut down the PC, wait like 30 secs, power it back up and try again.

If the launcher doesnt start, open task manager and check all processes, see if its there, if it is, terminate it and hard boot again.

Select the Eve Launcher shortcut, go to properties/advanced run as administrator.

Check your current firewall, and current attempted connections, make sure its not blocked. Check it in Windows Defender if you don’t have a 3rd party firewall, check your AVs and put exclusions for evelauncher.exe in them if you need to.

Try to run it directly from the installation folder, go to the installation folder, right click on evelauncher.exe and Run As Administrator.

Other then that, do a clean uninstall of everything eve, manually dump all the remaining folders, including in appdata and documents, then dump all leftover registry entries. If you don’t know how to do it manually, get a utility for it.

Hardboot, then copy all your eve stuff from the computer where it works, see if you can start it.

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