Launcher problems

Hi im having problems with the launcher.i even reinstalled my windows.wipep my drive.the error sayes that it cant get the gui stuck and need help.cusromer service was of no help.i even called my internet privider to see if they are blocking the game website coes sometimes not even the download link didnt work.also steam dosent lancher the game at all.

Yes i got the same problem since yesterday , i did a hole sistem format and reinstalation for nothing …

New Edit :
In windows 10 in Network and Internet options there is a Network Reset button and that will remove and then reinstall all your network adapters, after i did that i could download the client install and it will start doing the eve update for you. I have no idea how long it lasts and this was silly because my windows instalation is 50 minutes old …

Another Edit:
it lasted 10 minutes …now it does not work anymore what in the world is going on i have shut down my firewall completely i have no antivirus instaled and i even changed my internet modem, other games on steam and origin work just fine so i am out of ideas .

Try shutting down your router for a good 10-15 minutes, that should reassign your DNS solver to someone else and you should get a new DNS solver. This trick is the ultimate thing you can do to reset your internet connection from your side, if it doesn’t works after this reset then you can say the issue it’s defnitely not on your side.

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