Launcher tries to start in wrong folder

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Hello again everyone,

does anyone know how to bring this stupid launcher thing to remove or at least correct double slashes, so I can log in finally??

According to the logs the launcher is trying the following:

wine /home/MyUserName/.eve//wineenv/drive_c/sisi/bin/exefile.exe /noconsole /server:singularity /triPlatform=dx9 /ssoToken=SSOTOKEN /settingsprofile=Default /remotefilecachefolder=Z:/home/MyUserName/.eve//ResFiles

Notice the // in /home/MyUserName/.eve//wineenv/drive_c/sisi/bin/exefile.exe ?

This is the only reason the game cannot start. Any ideas how to strangle- errm fix this?

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had same problem . on launcher page . I went to hamber looking icon by the X and scroll down to refresh it works now. hope this works

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You scrolled where?

Edit: found it but I still have the same problem.

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Hi, the problem was, that the launcher needs an absolute path to the wine binary, if you use a custom wine version. If you give him only wine as start argument he dont know, where or which wine he should start. If you use a wine version from your distribution or from WineHQ, you should always enter the full path to the executable wine into the Custom Wine Path Settings in the Launcher.


btw. the double slash looks ugly but is not a problem in this case

(Whitehound) #6

Check your WINEPREFIX. You probably wrote ~/.eve/ and should have just gone with ~/.eve - omit the slash at the end.

(Gharim Turen) #7

If you use Snorlax evelauncher, you dont have a choice to give a WINEPREFIX. He use ~/.eve/wineenv/ (note the slash at the end) as WINEPREFIX. It is hardcoded and not changeable.

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Well, there is always the Windows installer for EVE.

Just get a recent version of WINE (3.0 or better), set WINE to “Windows XP” mode with winecfg and you should be able to install EVE and play.

(Gharim Turen) #9

Sure but that was not the problem here and it is always solved without the windows launcher.

(Whitehound) #10

The problem is he wants to play EVE and cannot log in.

The problem you’re seeing now was to be expected. Don’t look to me for help, because I’ve been telling people repeatedly to use the Windows installer over the Linux installer and because I know from experience that these issues are only going to get worse.

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We have these discussion always and i dont want to discuss this with you again.

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Then don’t start and stop replying. I’ve only said to use the Windows Installer.

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What do you want then from me? Shall i go, great master? I have done someting you give only advises. Look at my thread then you see what i mean.

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This isn’t just your forum. A lot of people read here. Hence I’ve said to use the Windows installer, because this can be a solution for those who have this problem or a similar one and who just come here, because they want to play the game.

I see no reason why anyone would be mad over this.

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Yeah right, now its my fault. And this was my last reply to you. Keep your Like, @Whitehound

The like and get likes thread II
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