Laura's Roaming Ops: Derptrons out of Cistuvaert

Greetings pilots,

My name is Lauralite, and I’m coming to you all today with an announcement of a new regularly scheduled roaming fleet, mostly aimed at getting new pilots out and about in pvp.

The first fleet is scheduled for tomorrow out of Cistuvaert, from the Cistuvaert V - Moon 12 - Center for Advanced Studies School station, with formup starting at 1:30pm US Central, 18:30 EVE time, with derptrons on hand to be given out to pilots new and old that want to come along.

We are all going to die in a fire, but that’s half the fun! The fleet tomorrow will be streamed, and I actively encourage stream snipe attempts once we get under way. We’re out to have a blast, so lets see how much mayhem we can stir up!

join the “Laura’s Roaming Ops” channel in-game, and come join the discord so we can all have fun tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Nice initiative. Hope you have a good roam. I’ve moved this post from General Discussion to In-Game Events btw.


Thank you @ISD_Lord_Arranoth for moving it into the right section, I appreciate it. First time trying to host a public roam, and hoping it all goes well and we explode all across lowsec!


:red_circle: Just out of naive curiosity: Since @Mike_Azariah brought up stream sniping as reason justifying reason for instanced arenas in the Proving Grounds topic and you openly invite stream snipes: How much of a problem do you think that is?

Pretty neat announcement and operation in any case. Much luck and mayhem to you. :slight_smile:


@Zhalyd_Lyehin That is a very good question and thank you for asking it. I suppose it depends on what you’re trying to do really more than anything. What I’m striving for is content, and getting people out and about and to help normalize loss in space, as it isn’t inherently a bad thing, especially in regards to what I’m doing with these soon to be regular fleets. I want people to learn that its okay to lose, and that its also okay to laugh at that loss if it happens, so I don’t see stream sniping as an issue for my roams, but can understand why it would be an issue for others.


What is ‘stream sniping’ ?

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Stream sniping is the act of following someone’s gameplay stream for the purpose of intercepting and trying to kill them in-game @Dravick_Afterthought


Three and a half hours until form up in Cistuvaert!

The fleet at 1830 went very well! Hoping to do this again very soon and with more people involved. This roam was an absolute blast.

Th main highlight of it all was the phantasm kill which got its own spot as a highlight :smiley:

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We’re coming back tomorrow for another round of Derptrons! Form Up starts around 18:30, and planned start time is 1900 EVE!

If my dudes hadn’t deployed a few regions too far out, I’d bring some sort of content.


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