Lazy 127m SP Builder/Inventor LFC [EU TZ]

Howdy folks,

Been gone from EVE and am not looking to return for an “active” life.

Ultimately, I’d like to sit in a system and use production/research slots. While I could this for my own business purposes, I don’t really care to. Doing production/research with a purpose is what I’m after (as in, corp needs x amount of whatever built, go get it done).

Can build anything, do all the science things (invention/RE).

I’ve done the full T2/T3 production line and cap manufacturing.

NOT looking to do massive PI chains again, oi.

Sec level doesn’t quite matter but I don’t have the time / inclination to defend a particular spot in space.


Would love to get you in our corp. Mail me in game if you’d like to chat on our Teamspeak. You won’t find a better place to do industry.


My corp is actively Moon mining and has the goo to use - we’re currently selling externally but if you’d like to come fill that position and have it all flow you’re way then that’s all good.

Poke me in game if interested ?

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