[Legacy Coalition] EVICTUS ALLIANCE | Nullsec


• Currently located in Immensea, NBSI, SOV Holding nullsec space.
• Established infrastructure. Structures, IT, forums, mumble, you name it.
• Very active community.
• SRP, caps and subcaps.

Who we are
Evictus Alliance is an established Alliance which was formed by experienced players in both the PVP and industrial environments. We have been around for years and are involved in every aspect of nullsec which include the politics, cap building, and all sizes of PVP fleets.

We are based in Immensea and are currently a member of Legacy. We are an NBSI (not blue, shoot it) community focused on being active and social. We are well structured, have fantastic management.

Who you are
You are an active corporation with a mature outlook, interested in moving forward with a large group of players, working for the good of your members and helping secure our borders. As a member corp, you want access to the best building resources in the game, or are looking for an active PVP community with tons of targets to pick from.

You are a corporation that can field a good percentage of your numbers in flying our doctrine ships which include Harpies, Feroxes, Muninns, Eagles (or their support ships/logi).

We have a few requirements regarding minimum members, mandatory IT registration and CTAs, and trial periods, so please stop by our diplo channel (below) for more information. We are accepting of all timezones as we already have great global coverage.

Leadership Structure
Francis Raven - Executor (USTZ)
Kurtizzle GarraChina - Vice Executor, Second in Command (EUTZ)

IOU.Diplo channel
Official Diplomats: corran cornelious, Yipcool, Commrade Yuri
Please contact a diplomat if interested.

Recruiting active PVP corporations.

Recruiting active corporations.

Recruiting active corporations.

Never heard of you guys

Evictus is recruiting!

We are recruiting corporations.

We are looking for active corporations.

We are still recruiting strong corporations.

3000 strong in IOU.

Come join us in nullsec!

  • Fielding 200+ pilot fleets.
  • All timezones.
  • BLOPS, Small gang, caps
  • Very active community.
  • Strong indrustrial backbone.

We are recruiting.

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