Recruiting Corpses

Looking for EU/US Pilots willing to PVP when needed and required and be willing to go home via POD EXPRESS at times!

We are a no drama corp << this does not mean we dont banter!

We use Discord and mumble for various methods of communications.

We offer you excellent ratting and mining space in return for your blood and an excellent indy infrastructure in place.

Daily roams and defense fleets are up through the day within alliance/coalition and corp.

We value RL over EVE.

POP into AG Recruitment. for a chat and be prepared to provide ESI.

Our corp has been around for 4+ years now and has gone and done most from living in highsec and WHs to renting, we are now settled within Evictus within the legacy coalition and are based in immensea.

just a quick question here

do you like them fresh, or is frozen ones ok?

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