[Legacy] Evictus Alliance | EU and USTZ

Hi all,

Evictus is looking for Industrial corps with PvP ambitions and the other way around.
We are an active community and force teamplay. Since Eve is an MMO, we think that makes sense :slight_smile:
Happy to discuss any questions you might have in our ingame channel, on discord or voice coms.



The best part of EVE is the social aspect, in my opinion. Evictus alliance is a social-first alliance. We love to hang out on comms and discord.

Looking for fun, social, professional corporations. Nullsec experience a plus.

Come join us in-game ‘IOU Diplo’ channel.

IOU Diplo channel for any questions, or mail me in-game.
Evictus is recruiting corporations.

We are recruiting.


have a look lemme know, dont i know you guys from somewhere -_0

and bumping :slight_smile:

Now this is a bump

We are still looking for new corps. No mater if you guys are a PvP, PvE or Indu corp; Evictus welcomes all aspects of the game.


Currently welcoming new corporations into the fold. Inquire in-game!

Join our IOU DIPLO channel for more information and to inquire about joining with your corporation.

Evictus is looking for active corps to join our team. Let us know, if you are interested

Please come by our IOU Diplo channel to talk. We are currently recruiting corporations.

I hope everyone had a great holiday break. Now back to business. Corporations, please get in touch if you are interested in joining a strong nullsec alliance!

We are recruiting!


Recruiting active corporations.

The alliance is recruiting corporations.

We are recruiting corporations.

We are recruiting corporations. Please feel free to come visit our IOU DIPLO channel.