Legio Titanica, Null Sec Corp Looking to Grow

Legio Titanica, a member of Already Replaced alliance, is open for recruitment of pilots from all walks of life and experience. We are a Null sec based corp and alliance living in Immensea. In Legio Titanica you are never seen as an asset to be used, it’s the people that matter, they make us who we are. If you want to PVP you are encouraged and welcome to do so. We have plenty of fleets at both the alliance level and the coalition level to fulfill your pew pew needs. If you want good space to rat in to make those ISKies you are welcome and encouraged to do so, we have plenty of space for your needs. If you are an industrial minded player we have space for mining and moons funded by the corp for you make ISK off of. Above all we strive to create an environment where our members can enjoy playing and living in Null sec.

What we seek are:

  1. Motivated members who want to play Eve with a group focused on enjoying what eve has to offer.
  2. PVPers who want to PVP at any level whether it be simply home and regional defense to larger fleet ops fighting for larger objectives.
  3. People who want to be active on coms. Coms is where we make friends and get to know each other.
  4. People who want to be part of a corp rather than just a random member and number.
  5. People who understand that RL always comes first but who want to be actively engaged with corp and alliance members when they get the time to unwind after a days work and turn to Eve for fun.

What we have to offer:

  1. A friendly community where working together is something we all strive for.
  2. Plenty of options for making ISK and enjoying your active game time.
  3. Leadership that listens and treats you as an individual not just a number on a spread sheet.
  4. Options and opportunity to grow and learn. We encourage member participation in decision making.

All time zones are welcome. Consider making Legio Titanica your corp home, come join us and enjoy what Eve has to offer. Reach out to me in game via in game mail or join our public discord channel for a chat today. We look forward to speaking with you and answering your questions.

Discord: Legio Titanica

Reach out to speak to a recruiter today

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