Legio Titanica open for recruitment

Legio Titanica, proud members of Already Replaced alliance, is open for recruitment.

Would you like to PVP? We have plenty of PVP options and fleets available daily so you always have a chance to get your pew pew on.

Are you a more Industrial focused player? We have access to great space for mining and we maintain moons rented by the corp for members to use.

Legio Titanica is a small corp focused on members first. Every member matters and every member is important. We also belong to an amazing alliance so you can also make friends outside of just the corp structure, which is encouraged. RL always comes first, we all play Eve to have fun and relax from our RL issues and craziness, so we encourage our members to enjoy what Eve has to offer.

We seek members from all backgrounds of Eve online and have members who can guide you in the pursuits that interest you the most. Whether you are a returning veteran player or a newer player who wants to learn to live in Null sec we welcome you.

Join us for the fun. Join us for the laughs. Join us and be a part of an Eve online community. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us by joining Legio Titanica Discord Legio Titanica or feel free to mail me in game

Recruitment open, join our family

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