Legio Titanica open for recruitment (Rat/Mine/PVP)

Legio Titanica is recruiting. We are a new corp made up of longstanding members of Already Replaced alliance who decided to start something new.

- 0.0 Space in Delve!!
- SOV Holding Alliance!!
- Members of Legacy Coalition!!

We are looking for members who want to part of something rather than just a number on a spread sheet. We are a mature group of players with families and jobs ourselves so we understand RL and it’s responsibilities. In Legio Titanica we are a family, we play together, we joke together, and we have fun together and we are open to anyone who wants to enjoy living and playing in Null sec space.

What we seek in members:

  1. Industrial minded players. We have the industrial infrastructure and alliance level buyback program to support you and help you make ISK for your efforts.
  2. PVPers who want to pew. PVP options range from Home Defense, to small gang, to larger coalition level fleets.
  3. FC experience a plus.
  4. Capital experience a plus.
  5. People who want to step up and become part of a corp not just a member.

Come grow with Legio Titanica, become a part of something and make some friends along the way. Leadership is active at both the corp and the alliance level and we care about our members. Legio Titanica recruitment discord https://discord.gg/dn5smbhq reach out to me today for a chat and learn more.

Recruitment open

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