Legio Vindicta is looking for PvP Pilots

Legio Vindicta is a new USTZ PvP corporation with structure and training for new pilots who seek a more in-depth experience with a serious corporation structure. There is a set doctrine that must be trained into after joining. We mainly operate in Lo-sec and Null.

In game channel = LGVX Recruitment


-Minimum SP: 2,500,000

-Must have an omega main, Alpha Alts are ok

-All Pilots will follow Doctrines as set forth by Corporation Leadership.

-All Pilots will be active and participate in fleets, except with proper notification of leadership.

-All Pilots will be PvP capable, or willing to learn upon entry to Legio Vindicta.

-Discord is mandatory, as is a working mic. All fleets operate on voice comms and all intracorporation announcements are made via Discord.


-LGVX will provide education/instruction for newer pilots to learn how to fly both PvP and PvE.

-Fleets for fun will be often and all inclusive. If you are a Legio member, you are expected to fly with us as often as possible, and we will ensure you have content as much as possible.

-SRP will not always be available, but generally FC’s will SRP most small ship fleets.

Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/7EkZQg33ez

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