Legion Of Fortune - French Connexion - English/French

Greetings reader!

Violente Fortuna has decided to team up with French Connexion.

our corp has now formed the English wing within FXR
always had a few good friends within FXR but were never able to get going with joining in? . well Legion of Fortune is now recruiting french and English speaking pilots alike.

what we have to offer you?, well good question.

:boom: Discord for corp members
:boom: Discord for Alliance
:boom: Teamspeak Coms
:boom: Experienced tutoring
:boom: Many different types of operations
:boom: Comprehensive market and docking rights
:boom: Much space to make money in
:boom: A awesome community to have fun with
:boom: Very strong alliance run SRP.

:love_letter: naturally there are a few things we do expect from our pilots.

:wine_glass: A willingness to help out on PVP ops
:wine_glass: A respect for CTA’s
:wine_glass: Activity and comradeship.
:wine_glass: SP minimum of 5m ( open for individual negotiation )

:baby_symbol: A few key words to describe Legion of Fortune

we work together
we work to enhance our enjoyment
we work to better ourselves and each other

join the fun, enjoy the space.

another one bites the dust and is left with a nasty aftertaste.

what do you guys think? to much?

one might wonder, are we still looking? the answer is absolutely YES!

any one interested is free to reply or contact me in any way you deem fit.

growing our player base is very important to us, more buddies, means more fun!

ever more people stuck at home, come join us and do something weirdly cool!

value the community, love the action, stay for the fart jokes

if you have questions, we are here to enlighten you, and your day.

lots of content comming up. memes and everything, contact us today to be memed perhaps!

leof is recruiting to this day, seeking timezones EU and US mainly

i wonder how creative i have to be to keep this up! but hey here i am, still being creative with my posts right?

join our growing corp, fight together, chat together, fight alone. chat alone? damn… if you can do that… there’s a special spot reserved just for you!

always enjoy meeting new people, and teaching the even newer ones! :baby_symbol:

growing stronger as time progresses, interesting in joining us? give us a shout!

being shy does not get you far, why not brake the shell and contact us? we are currently not hungry and no shell is needed to protect your tasty soft flesh. we have plenty of frozen corpses to process into soylent green any ways.

come join our growing community. enjoy all that we have to offer. hop into our public chan. send an evemail… i will try to look for smoke signals to!

contact us for more information. we are looking to grow stronger just like 95% of eve! :smiley:

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