Length of time a corp takes to respond

Hello everyone! I’m new to the game and recently sent in an apication to a corp a few days ago. I was wondering how long it usually takes to hear back from one? It was The Ringing Vale. Or should I look for another corp I feel would be a good fit for me? Thanks for your time all!!

That depends a lot on the corp. I just looked up the corp and in their description they have two names listed for recruitment. Your best bet would be to contact them(mahatha bin laden, Wily Whartog). They also have a discord in their attributes page.

Though generally if a corp does not respond fast, you have to ask yourself are they active enough or not. I see a lot of signs that make the corp appear dead. The names mentioned before are no longer part of the corp for example.

My advice would be to look for a different corp. Since your new to the game, try to find an active corp that welcomes new players.


Most would typically not accept an application from in game directly, especially without opening dialog first. We for example look to have a quick chat on discord just to see what your goals are and see if we are a good fit for each other.

Which by the way, feel free to check out our ad


Thank you!! I didn’t think to do that. I’ve researched corporations a but and it seems like picking the right one is pretty important. Thank you for your advice though!! I did read a post on choosing a corp and it recommended the forums as a better place to look than the recruitment channel. Have a great day!

Personally, if I hadn’t heard back from a corp within 24 hours, I’d reach out to their leadership if I was that interested in joining. My corp doesn’t accept “cold” applications from players we haven’t had a chance to talk with in our Discord, because Discord and mic are requirements for my corp. Usually if I notice a “cold” application come in, I’ll message the person to invite them to our Discord, but otherwise that app gets rejected.

It’s up to you whether you want to pursue the corp you applied to, but I’d say their response time is probably indicative of the attention you’re likely to receive within that corp.

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