Leopold en Villari Tracking Records

Monday June 20th, YC124 // M-MD3B

Consider this an active record as I try to track down the spy Leopold en Villari. Greenlighting this project was easy; the militia wants them in State custody and I have a vested interest in obtaining their knowledge of the Deathless and Krullefor’s ties to RSS black budget projects. Not to mention, a massive victory for the union to prove our legitimacy.

Scope News indicates Leopold en Villari’s last known position in Trust Partners M-MD3B. Ghostbirds SIGINT unit dispatched helmed by Kirjuunen Ketsonet Nuijaa affiliated privateer, former Kaalakiota contractor. He’s a mercenary, but an experienced and reliable mercenary that I’ve been able to call on for some time now.

Anyway. M-MD3B came up as a dry hole, multiple Cartel signatures but no signs of Krullefor presence. Suppose I wasn’t surprised by the field reports, its rarely that straightforward. There’s a small chance that they might have exited through identified wormhole K162 but I find that unlikely. No, chances are they’ve either moved on and we lost the chance to nab them or they’re still in system hiding out in the Trust Partners station. Our privateer was sure to leave a small team of baselining warclones and a supply of blanks to canvase the station, hopefully drive them out of hiding if they’re still hanging around. Maybe if we make enough noise they’ll get jumpy and try to relocate. That’s when we intercept them.

I must say while the shits hitting the fan in Athounon, I feel like I’m delegating this task out just to take a backseat junior role in cutting our teeth in the conflict here. Whatever, I picked a good pilot for the job. Wulver usually hits his mark when the chips are down and he’s had his boosters to get him out of bed.

SUMMARY: Inconclusive. Remain on station for further investigation.


M-M Trust Partners is a classic place to disappear to, second only to “DQ”, the other Trust Partners hive of scum and villainy, in N-DQ0D.

Lovely stations, really. I am partial to DQ myself, because of personal history, but to be fair today M-M gets more traffic and so it is probably easier to come and go on the docksides without anyone paying notice. Should probably go visit both some day soon, find some old friends.

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Tuesday June 21, 124 // M-MD3B

Holy cow, you weren’t kidding. Station is a rats nest of decks and hab-blocks. The kind of place even twenty to thirty highly trained burly brotherfuckers could get lost in canvasing the lower decks. From what I’ve heard assuming they even know how to access some of the areas. Initial reports say its a maze of corridors and false store fronts someone can escape into. It’ll take days for them to even properly map the area even with sensors much less establish consistent patrols.

Meanwhile, reports from SIGINT craft have been far more simple. Nothing unusual according to scanning. Some Angels hidy-holes, a minor drone infestation, and a roving herd of Thukker Mix mining barges that Wulver about gave a heart attack. The search continues.


Tuesday July 12, 124 // M-MD3B

Situation in North Placid has been eating into our logistical support and administrative network in the region. Daily scans and patrols in the region stalled to only several per week without much further insight. Initial progress from foot traffic stalled, suffering light casualties stemming from everything to failed conflict-resolution in a bar, injuries due to unmarked station hazards, and one instance of a stabbing from a station youth.

The liberation games have complicated the issue. While other systems within the Great Wildlands remain relatively quiet the Thukker of M-MD3B have vigerously celebrated this years liberation games. No doubt in part, I’m sure, to their own personal pride in last year’s victory. I’m not bullshitting you when I say the situation is untenable. Not a peep in the neighboring systems, while M-MD3B stages no less than a dozen separate reenactment scenarios any given moment not counting the station-side celebrations.

I couldn’t track down someone in this mess if my face was stapled to their ass. Now I’m hearing about a situation in Placid that requires a pathfinder to stick their fist into the EDENCOM beehive and I’m being expected to step up to plate. Whatever, it’ll be a better assignment. Leopold has either left the system by now, or theres no parsing them through all the noise right now. Agents will remain on standby, so I can return when we have actionable intelligence.


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