Leopold en Villari, Non responsive

Namas Ladies, Gentlemen and all others whom frequent the Summits rooms of discourse,

I have for some weeks now, been reaching out to Leopold en Villari as an Intaki I feel honour bound to extend a hand to this wayward son of the Intaki.

Sadly my offers of niceties and refuge have fallen on deaf ears or the ears of those who have been silenced.

Please note I do not condone Sarumin Leopold en Villari’s alleged actions but I do wish to at least hear them out.

So now once again this time in a public forum I reach out, Leopold if you require assistance please make contact with myself.

Please note I act alone in this action my request is not that of the ILF and I do not represent them or the IPI in this matter.

If anyone has any news regarding Leopold en Villari’s whereabouts please reach out to me directly.


As future Mr. Federation YC124 I will lend my voice and hand to dear Dicky here.

I can neither confirm nor deny the rumours about my fresh relationship with the Mr. en Villari, who may or may not be The illusive Peacock.

BUT, I will do everything in my power to help you @Richard_Masseri with this. Call me :wink:

As natural as they come,

Julian “Peacock Hunter” Flavours

Creator of JFT and Eau de Parfum Flavours
S+ tier fighter of Super ■■■■posting Siblings!
Ex-Supreme Commander of Allied Love Militia Forces
A Meowstar of the Caldari Cats Production
Lover of Lovelovers and a strong distain of Lovehaters
The ‘First Doctor’ in Doctor Spice
Potential Proper Polite Political Posturer Professional
Director and Producer of Consort and Commander
Mr. Federation YC124*



That’s a very bold statement thinking you will be Mr. Federation.


Naava say never! Confidence is everything! As I meow confident we will be seeing more of Lovely Leopold soon:tm:

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Do come into my hair salon sometime. Though I don’t gossip much myself, others do. If you have the patience to wait and listen, it might be beneficial?

One of my many reasons why I have a strict “talk at your own risk” rule.

Do you sell ectoplasm proof caps per chance?
Emerging from capsule can be so tiresome.

I do! It’s a very small collection from Dapper Dipper, a small business owner a few stations away. Helping the little guy anyway I can.

Back to the topic at hand, have you gotten into contact with them yet Mr. Masseri?

I have reached out to Mr Flavours but I have not yet received a response.

Sarumin en Villari has not made contact either, I hope that they will communicate with me soon but I worry that this radio silence is maybe a communication of its own.

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Oh?! I thought I had replied to you? I’ll send it now :wink:

Many thanks I’ll look into this now.

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