[MBSC/ZANKI] New Beginnings and New Initiatives

For nearly a year and a half, the Mobrault Security Consultants have acted upon our mission statement to help rout out pirates, drug-lords and other such unsavory elements from the far-flung areas of space where they can fester undisturbed. The Mobrault district, our namesake, was one such place. Ever since our founding, we have set upon finding and eliminating such threats across Mobrault, Orvanne, Elerelle, and other such districts in Solitude where possible, taking in to account Triglavian assaults on four different Solitude systems in the last year. It has gone well enough, that I would consider our mission statement towards routing out drug lords in Mobrault in particular a success, as we have noticed a sizeable dip in pirate activities in the district, and an increase of confiscated illegal substances, such as the infamous “deathglow”.

However, that is not to say that piracy has waned. It has, in fact, ballooned in the Federation’s west to an intolerable degree. More pressing matters involving the Triglavians and the State have pushed the more typical criminal elements in Federation society to the backburner, and as a result, they have sought to exert their control over the Federation’s populace. They have not received the response that such an intolerable presence in our society deserves. Which is why I am here to announce the closure of the Mobrault Security Consultants, on the basis of it having accomplished its very specific goal in slowing down crime and illegal booster peddlers in the Mobrault district.

MBSC has not only participated in the destruction of booster production facilities and other such piratical compounds, but also aided in the defense of Solitude against the Triglavian Collective, an effort that has borne fruit in to there being not a single Triglavian-compromised system in the region. It leaves behind a legacy that I am proud of, and one that I hope the citizens of Mobrault and of Solitude proper can appreciate. A new year brings a new, yet also old menace to the doorstep of the fringes of space, however, and it is the combatting of this piratical menace which leads me to announce the successor of the MBSC organization.

I hail from the planet Aubenall IV in northern Placid. It is, by all accounts, an unimportant backwater, which can fester stories and legends that often don’t escape past its colonies due to disinterest. My home colony is located in a dismal, swampy area of Aubenall IV, surrounded by dense foliage and an oft-present thick fog. There is an urban legend from where I’m from that tells of a cryptid from my colony. Many unsavory elements that you see throughout the spacelanes today existed in a microscopic format on our colony. Booster-pushers, thieves, murderers and the like. On days when the fog grew to be the thickest, it was said that those in our colony that had gained ill reputations for such things would mysteriously go missing, only for their corpses to be found after it subsided on the outskirts, torn asunder in a manner most spectacular and violent.

Of course, as it is a cryptid, it has never been properly seen or documented, and it is more than likely the work of an anonymous vigilante with a flair for the dramatic. But, the story of our cryptid still resonates throughout the swamps of Aubenall IV, and it is why the Zankilim will be the namesake of my new organization.

Serpentis. Cartel. Aenebra, Triglavians. They, and other such entities are a blight on our illustrious Federation, and their continued persistence should be met with no less than outright hostility, fury, and spectacular obliteration. The scope of wretchedness that grips our Federation extends far past Mobrault, and my continued countenance of their activities will reflect these new pastures.

To those I have flown with under my previous organization in both the defense of New Eden against the Triglavian menace and other such undesirables, and those who assisted in the evacuation of citizens threatened by Triglavian assimilation under the MBSC’s New Eden Re-Housing Initiative, thank you for the assistance. You aided in the noble goals that MBSC sought to aspire to, and are not forgotten in the success I believe it became.

To add, this is not intended as a recruitment initiative for other capsuleers. While I’d be flattered, this is moreso intended to call attention to a pertinent issue gripping the Federation that needs to be addressed, and one that I intend to remedy to the best of my ability. Details on that will be posted in due time.


One cannot separate the pirates of Placid from the Federation, as the two are regularly intertwined; with pirate groups payrolled by the FDU on a regular basis. Not that it ultimately does them any favors with most pirate groups running headfirst into Caldari military units and getting embarrassed so badly they fade into obscurity or leave the entire warzone with their tails between their legs.

Even so, perhaps those like yourself will be able to change this pirate and privateer payrolling policy and the civilians of the warzone might just be a bit safer, regardless of which side occupies the system.


The Federation is about freedom, and the free people of the Federation should be able to imbibe any and all the drugs they want. Dodixie sure does like 'em. As does Intaki, for that matter.

Why don’t you stick your nose in someone else’s business? Those Intara guys, for instance.

I think that all four militias are often too permissive with who they’re lettin’ in, which leads to nothing but more un-needed violence wrought upon those living in the low-security areas already infested with murderous pirate thugs such as the Serpentis and the Cartel.

I can only do so much to bloodthirsty eggers, unfortunately. Or just eggers in general. Probably ain’t that much of a difference. Not much to do if they keep comin’ back.

I’ll stick my damn nose where I damn well please. Serpentis are booster-pushers. They bring all manner of crime with them, and keep vulnerable people on the frontier of the Federation. Cartel’s with 'em. Trigs seem to have developed an interest in northern Placid. All three of these reprehensible entities seek to disrupt the closest thing to order these districts have seen through the work of the Federation.

Extremely harmful substances like deathglow have been on the rise. I have no reason not to believe that an entity like the Serpentis that prides itself on booster manufacturing and distribution isn’t involved in that, and I refuse to allow that crap to take a foothold in the area of space I once called home.

Where did you say that was? Aubenall? What do you know, that’s right in my local area. Maybe we’ll see each other around.

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