Let inflation happen

Hello there was another patch last week which increased taxes again. And when you watch the price of ship hulls they seem to be going up steadily so putting two and two together it seems like CCP is scrambling to fix inflation with taxes they also refer to the SCC charge as an economic sink. But inflation aka rising prices can be due to a logistics issue among other things.

What if you make the situation worse with taxes? What if you let inflation happen until you figure out the root cause and have a potential solution?

A link to the previous discussion for anyone who is curious

Hehehehe. What if the “fix” wasn’t intended as a “fix” at all, at least not for the aspect you think needs fixing ?

What if somebody decided to play with some buttons on the “dashboard” they created for themselves like managers did in the early double naughts ?
What if some"body" ordered a study to understand the consequences of increasing taxes in a certain economic landscape, a prediction sort of thing ?
What if the cleaning lady irreverently planted her posterior on the dashboard and sipped her tea ?

Evidently, some at ccp think the economy is in a great shape and the prices of ships are in a great place.

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