Let me tell you about Tastela

Ever heard of Tastela? thought not, it’s about as remote as a place can get in low sec. Hidden behind a low sec pocket in the arse end of Domain, only one way in with a neighbouring cut-off high sec system. Well with the new moon mining changes it has become a highly populated place to the tune of 5 refineries pulling out moon chunks and 20 guys in local, in a system only really known to local explorers searching for anoms and plexs.

This is the place where the alliance ‘The Rogue Consortium’ has set up carebear operations on a large scale, an alliance that is a servant entity to Honourable Third Party and I’m guessing, is their means to producing tech2 stuff for themselves.

If I were a younger man with more time on my hands I would be all over this place. it has Orcas blind-jumping in and out, it has barges all over the place and it has ‘defence’ gangs of poorly fit faction frigs running around like headless chickens. The master alliance shows up for strategic ops but 97% of the time it’s just these miners beating their chests in local.

Now I know this will mostly fall on deaf ears, there’s no real oldschool pirates left in eve, but I ask you few roamers who are left - when you take out your gangs, remember Tastela and check your map for a blip there. It’s not often that such an opportunity arises in real low sec, since 99% of the low sec pvp has moved to Faction Warfare Arenas, now there’s a real little sand-castle to kick over but nobody to do the kicking.

So pirates, think of Tastela!

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