Another ganking thread

So good to see CCP slapping gankers in the face, new player retention will improve hence will their bottom line. Gankers have a place it’s called NULSEC, not bankrupting a week old player and forcing them from the game thats bad for all inc the ganker, I survived a gank the other day and it was so good to see ganker tears when they lost their $.

Flame suit on.


Heres that attention you were begging for.


There was no need to create this thread, could have just posted your flame statement in one of the other various threads with this topic…

Also INB4 :


Don’t listen to that guy above. You and I both know you’re far too important to post in someone else’s thread like some commoner.

I look forward to more Kestral Straya threads. Might I suggest EVE is dying. Or PLEX prices are crazy. Mining ships need to be boosted. You are going to leave if they don’t drop sub prices.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:




You know things are getting pretty bad when even the biggest carebears on the forums start trolling the OP too.


After a battle, win or lose. Do you say GF?

Thd is still open. Meh…

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after the patch, you can still kill 2 days old ventures without tether: Still Griefing New Players :parrotdad:

this patch only affects freighter ganking, that requires an astra with tether to prealign.

then again, you can use the old ways to feighter gank. Please calm down.

Oh look, another one! Why bother to bring a unique thought to the discussion?

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Let’s do something about that and make this a more productive thread. I say we change it to:

What is your favorite ice cream/gelato/sorbet flavor to eat while playing EvE.

I’ll start.

I’m very partial to the Signature Select brand (Kingsoopers/Krogers) Maine Blueberry and Waffle Cone flavor.

It’s vanilla ice cream, with ripples of this tart, but yummy blueberry jam throughout it and chunks of waffle cone.

It’s very delightful to nibble on be it, ganking, or baiting, blapping MTU’s, or even low sec pirating to robbing ESS’s. I’ve even enjoyed it equally well mining in low, exploration, mission running, or just chatting in one of the many EvE channels I’m in. It’s a very versatile frozen dairy treat.

What’s yours?




That’s too much stuff…

Knickerbockerglory, long spoon, straw.


Peanut butter oreo gelato :smiley:


Not being ganked is not hard. Escaping is exciting and fun. Nerfing ganking to the point where it never happens removes one of the most exciting events in high sec. Ganking is good for high sec, we just need to educate more people on how to avoid and survive it.

I want to hear the details of your ganking story @Kestrel_Straya

I want to know what your favorite flavor of icecream you eat while playing EvE.

We are changing this thread to something more productive than another ganking vs. anti-ganking happy-slaps fight.

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Oh sorry @Ax_l_Thorne. My favorite ice-cream to eat while playing EvE is chocolate chili pepper. It may sound strange to people that have never had it, but the combination of opposites at the same time is the best. The smooth soothing chocolate combines with the zezty sting of chilis is just the thing to get your warp drive activated!

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That sounds really good!

Chocolate chilli pepper is really good together. I had a chocolate bar with a chili like jam inside. It was chef’s kiss amazing!

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Mint Cocolate Chip…

Or if i am feeling particulary fancy, one of the B&Js one with the caramel chocolate pieces burried in it.

Thank you @Ax_l_Thorne for makeing this thread significantly more productive than that OP.