More Ganking in Hi-Sec Please

As a potential gankee I want to be able to tell tales of the vicious claim jumpers my pardners and I drove off while mining, or to moan of how I need to get a new grubstake as those murderous varmints killed everyone, podded me and took all our gear.

I want to laugh at the frustrated howls of the gatecampers as my plucky ship warped off and to tell spine-chilling stories of the band of cut-throats led by Dread Pirate X who left not a soul alive, including me.

I want the thrill of bringing to sunny Dodixie, ivory, cedarwood and white Ammarian wine. Not a boring day at the office ferrying, pig-lead, iron ware and cheap tin trays.*

*With apologies to John Masefield.


Support this. End this stupid nullsec war, gankers, come back to Highsec! We need another Burn Jita!!


CCP nerf bump, it’s why you have less burn jita.

Unlikely, 3min(?) is well enough if you are organized and prepared. Like when Burn Jita happens. It’s an excuse, not a reason.

Finally a sensible thread

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Burn jita was more of 3 minute to have enought content. more like 5 to 10 .

Bad bait. More effort pls…

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Your topic is stupid. Gank only happens in highsec. So you could write “more water in the water”…

Your comment is far more stupid. They want more ganking to happen. They never said anything about it happening outside of High Sec or anything else that would make your comment necessary. They want more.

It’s perfectly sensible, If there is only an inch of water in your glass and you very much like water, to ask for more water.

Silly person.

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I love you too

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Stop whining and organize it. It’s not too hard to build Tornados and 1400s and camp the undock 24/7. Stop whining and start doing. Or have you forgotten how to do things in Pochven?

It is a misconception that bumping is necessary for ganking big targets at all. They take 26 seconds to warp, they approach gates at atrocious speeds, they can be held even longer with suicide tackle. Even if you need to bump, 3 minutes is more than enough time to get from Jita to any system 1 jump around it. People who say that bumping is necessary have no clue about ganking at all and just try to gaslight other people into believing they that CCP nerfed their gameplay. The only thing they did impact was their convenience of not having to be ready for ganks and to be lazy instead of being prepared.

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I know I’m a hopeless romantic, and it’ll never happen; but I can dream …

Ok so organise a burn jita.
i don’t said it’s impossible.
It just make organisation a lot more boring. And so it’s a large part of why you will have less burn jita thing. Beacause burn jita is about giving content to people who are in in same time … and sometimes you have 6 target jump same time , sometimes 0 target … so guess what old version you have 6 kill, actual 1 and 0 after.

But yes organise a burn jita yourself and you will understand.

And burn jita!=Small ganking.
difference of squale is important

First time you don’t get out you’ll ragequit and never log in again.

I have no intention of organizing something so superfluous. You people seem to believe that it was necessary or added something valuable to the community. It’s your job to give that idea some substance. How hard can it be? Have 10000 fitted Catalysts in Perimeter, sound the Blow Job horn and done. You don’t even need to advertise much, people will come to you by themselves just because you said Blow Job would happen. Just make sure you have some stamina and don’t let it turn into a flaccid event. No one likes flaccid experiences. :slight_smile:

In fact, I stand slightly corrected. It really added something to the community. It gave these obnoxious Machariel bumpers chills when they saw people land on them and their shiny Machariels or Typhoons. That made me giggle. :innocent:

Hangar limits make it harder that it might otherwise be, and then there’s the whole “herding cats” issue of getting everyone to do what they need to do when they need to do it.

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Yeah , because Suicide Ganker, Gate Camper , roaming and Gate Camping Trig Fleets isnt enough and dont forget FOBs spawning in every second System.
But i am sure Drifters and Rouge Drones will join the Gate Camping Instant Killing and Poding Party soon ,as the Final nail to the coffin for this Game.

There are so many nails in this game’s coffin, that at this point it’s made almost entirely out of metal.


So you don’t understand the issue and you will not until you face it.
Problem is not the “DPS” or other thing, it’s to have content without interuption. That this also burn jita. Without bump it’s a lot more harder.
That ALL. If you can’t understant that you just proof you miss a big point of burn jita.

It is not harder at all. CODE and CFC do the same stuff all the time when they hunt JFs. They have their gank ships offgrid near the gates and suicide tacklers ready to tackle anything that moves. It is literally the same effort. If you don’t want to understand that, you are just making a big fuss to make things look harder than they actually are. And with that kind of attitude and that kind of people it’s no surprise that there is no one else taking over the Blow Job flag from Goons when they are indisposed.

I have ganked in the past when bumping was not a thing at all. We just sat on pings and waited for freighters to come through the gate. Bumping is not necessary, let alone essential to make ganks happen. It does not even make them easier.