"Ganking has gone too far" vs "Not enough empire ganking" ? Poll inside!

What do we need?

  • More ganking.
  • Less ganking.

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Less threads about ganking tbh


“Let’s make a poll and point at it every other day.”

I agree with you.

I think high sec should just become low sec then the problem will resolve there wont be any! HEY I GOT GANKED IN HIGH SEC threads and it’ll become hey I was dumb and didn’t plan properly, how do I fly better? threads.


Lead by example Noragen and start a new thread with a new Rabble story ( rather than back in the day :grinning: ). Read your new KB, plenty of material. C&P is all about ‘round the camp fire’ personal stories of daring do.

Now no more pissing in your pocket.

Story please.


I posted one like 3-4 weeks ago. Trying to polish up some opsec and commitments before I do the next

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I’m not satisfied until there are no high sec haulers. If you fly a freighter I must bump you.


There’s no option for “Just the right amount of ganking.”

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I’m sorry, that’s implied by “More ganking.”


We march forward to 100% compliance!


Who would you bump if there would be no highsec haulers?

We’ve reached Zipf’s Law of 80/20.

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Your poll is invalid, as it doesn’t have an option for “I like the level of ganking we currently have, leave it alone”.

Which would certainly get my vote.

In before “only sociopaths and forum trolls would want more ganking! They want this game to die!”



Sure, but the poll reflects the indecisiveness of the forum, as can be seen by the title and the respective threads. that’s why your option is missing.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. As if. The crybears won’t magically disappear, instead they’ll cry about how there isn’t any “safe” highsec anymore. It really doesn’t matter what you change, or how easy you make it. There will always be stupid and entitled players crying about how the game doesn’t cater perfectly to them and them alone.

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Being the first to ■■■■ into a thread does not make it smell nice. there’s one badly translated metaphor for you.

I’d move on to something else if there were no more haulers in the game

more ganking…

Tbh, as a non-high-sec pvper (low-sec and wh mostly) I think we mostly need more people in low/wh. Lowering the risk differential (by making HS more risky) may encourage people to do so.

The other part of the equation of course is making risky space more profitable than high sec.

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I don’t make enough money anymore, more stuff needs to explode

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