Let's build a corp!

Returning player from 2020. Currently with 30m sp.

ISO of a few like minded to create a core group to form an org and see where it goes.

Close to similar Skillpoints as I am trying to build a core of the group before public recruitment.
Mic required. / Discord
Willing to have fun together and build something with longevity and greatness with commitment and time.

If you feel like this could be a match for you. Then please feel free to drop in and have a chat. I’m a 33y/old semi retired father with plenty of time on my hands and understand the lengths and commitment levels to create a good corp/alliance over time. More than willing to commit as well as understanding the costs.

Still ISO of like minded.

You’ve got to explain what kind of stuff your corp is aimed at doing to attract people:

  • What space are you planning to operate in?

  • What timezones do you play?

  • What balance of PVP / PVE do you prefer?

  • As a CEO, what kind of ability and preferences do you have in creating content for your members?

  • Are you the kind of person/corp that wants the win or the gudfite?

Some other notes:

  • Zero presence on zkillboard is pretty sketchy

  • 4 day out toon is super duper sketchy

  • A good corp CEO is a figurehead that needs to inspire their members - why should people trust and follow you?

  • It’s impossible for people to judge if you’re “like-minded” if you don’t characterise yourself clearly.

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