Lets mass spam referal links!

It is what, two years since CCP added cerebral accelerators as reward for this and allowed backwards redeem on old accounts?

Yet the spam is just as strong as it used to be in the beginning.

However. Obviously the spam is not strong enough, because CCP still takes no action.

So here is my proposal. Lets mass spam this everywhere. If enough players start doing this, surely something will be done.

So, prepare your own referral link and just post it into chat. You jump to a new system? Post it into local. You jump into wormhole? Post it into local. You fleet up? Post it into fleet chat. You fly into system with incursion? Post it into incursion chat. Someone invites you into private chat? Post it there, even if it is GM, especially if it is GM! Join anti-ganking chat channel and post it there (ten times). If you are in alliance post it into alliance chat, so it gets some action for a once. And obviously post it into your corporation chat.

If you are waiting in station, just post it into local every few seconds. Consider a macro to do this. CCP don’t care.

And a challenge for a pro spammers. Join every public chat channel, start from the top of the list and join the chat, post your link and close the chat. Then join every EVE twitch stream and post your link into the chat. And the most professional spammers should also consider posting their link on CCP forums, threads like Monthly Economic Report are great candidates and also Reddit.

The spam must go on! Lets do it guys. Few thousands of us doing this every day and CCP can’t ignore this problem any further!

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If they don’t care about the current spam they probably won’t care about a bit more spam either. Personally I’m not going to add to the problem, not seeing a valid reason to cause problems to then go “see, these are problems” as if the end justifies the means.

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Did I do it right?


What exact action do you want to see from CCP?

With analytical regards
-James Fuchs

Their faces when all chat everywhere is refferal links.

Mass spam Rookie Help chat. They will nip that in the bud pretty quick.

Alternatively, 30-day ban for anyone spamming referral links.

Or just report everyone you see in-game as an ISK spammer. Tens of thousands per day. That should give them something to do…

Closing this thread as it encourages people to break rule 9 of the Chat Channel Rules of Conduct.

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