Letter to CCP

Eve Online
With its very steep learning curve, real-time skill training, pretty “real” losses, socially and psychologically challenging traits…standing out there with very uncharacteristic specialities compared to other popular video games.’
And of course, it is a great challenge to maintain, grow and evolve considering its massively complicated interconnected nature.
It is nearly impossible to pick any attribute from the game, isolate it from rest and place it under a microscope.
Therefore “holistic approach” is not an option but a necessity for a complete interpretation of the game as a system.
In this post, I will emphasize some of the major approaches, administrative policy and behavioural patterns of the CCP. And I will pan these on some very well known facts related to social psychology, behavioural economics and human nature.

Lack of social integration policies for new players still standing there.
6 months ago I introduced the value of social integration policies. I gave simple examples and only a simple one step to help players to access game-related data and community.

This feature, Pétursson explains, is part of a company-wide initiative to solve the greatest threat to the virtual galaxy of New Eden: Getting new players to hang out. “We’re dedicating serious resources to this, which we have not done before,” Pétursson says. “We have not done this level of investment, but we’re doing it now because we’ve seen from our numbers it is the biggest opportunity for the game.”

Please someone from CCP who read this post delivers my message to sir Pétursson. From someone who specializes in grief counselling and trauma.

This application CCP is proud of and of course with a very positive nature and is willing to use time and source… (well intentions, heartful )but This is stand up straight PRIMITIVE and counterproductive.

Grief counselling esp helpful aftermath intervention approach for people who have been affected.

The best intervention to traumatic experiences is PROACTIVE interventions especially if the possibility of the event is high.

Let me explain: In EVE Online when new players start playing, it is nearly %100 sure they will lose their ships. that’s first. and %100 sure if that ship is not a rookie ship the loss is “real”
This is not some situation like an uncertain possibility. We do not proactively consult every individual in the world in case they lose someone in a traffic accident … but we provide counselling to the ones who lose their close friends or family members in these accidents.
In EvE ship loss is 100 % reality. It’s not a possibility. We do follow a different approach if the possibility is very high first-hand. That’s a Proactive approach.

In the CBT model, mostly what bothers us is not the events themselves but what we think about the event and our interpretations, the meaning we give, rise our feelings.

You are alone in the house and you heard the voice of someone trying to enter. If you think oh that’s mom and daddy come back from the movie … then you don’t even break your posture and keep reading your book. If you don’t know who it is then beginning to think about the possibility of someone trying to break into the house.
You get anxious tension on your stomach… Here thoughts and feelings all possibilities can change human to human in a very large range.

Out of experience in the rookie help channel for years I would say the vast majority of new players are not aware of facts about losing the ship and they are not prepared.
Moreover, they are not prepared about how to think about this.
Those reactions make you apply to this grief counselling program.
Up to now, you must already see why it is primitive interference considering the loss possibility is %100
What you need to do is simply orient every pilot by default before they begin to fly with their wings. Use suitable and functional frames.
Eve Online is a Harsh game, yes. In its nature. But there is no reasonable function to push this reality down into new players’ throats without them knowing. This has no advantage at all. what they will be going to be face to face. This causes anger, failure feelings and a lot of different emotions that hinder new players’ adaptation process and build up negative feelings against game developers and other players. If they “Expect” and be ready in mind and already oriented around the nature of the game increase acceptance in first hand and minimise quite a lot of the grief counselling needs. Gives some degree of control feeling to the player. And even to some extent can minimise the risk-averse pilot behaviours towards PVP.
This also can be easily adapted into the initiation process cheaper and effectively reach out %100 of the new players by default.

This is a game application example where you fail to understand human nature and reflections into the game. But also reflects your good intentions too.
As I have stated before; please hire someone knowledgeable about these and able to work holistically, who can also see and work together to optimise every single stage of New Player Experience. It makes everything cheaper, faster and far more effective. I have led and applied this in two cities under threat of possible future disaster. One with 1.2 million other 5.5 million residents. Which also a bigger one exposed the event later years and we had much more conscious citizens. And we could dedicate our time and sources to the people who need them. It is simply based on psych facts proved by tests and applications thousands of times.
Another example:
When a player starts playing first time in the rookie system and the first thing that land on his/her mailbox is this :

You need to consider and think about their first thoughts… I do understand CCP keeps their in-game interference to a minimum and never sends any in-game offers, deals and such stuff and I do fully respect that and I like that.
It is very easy to go around this. You do already start players in default NPC corporations. And it is ridiculous that not to imagine the leader of this corporation ( Npc character ) sent a welcome email with some very helpful links, information. Similar language and guidance Aula presents. A Heartful message about preparing them about what lies in front of them in the future, outlets and connections, blue link them to in-game helpful tools and inform them about other capsuleer corporations existence. Maybe even hint at some of the golden rules.
Players receive welcome in-game mails from corporations when they join any player corporation. SO it is pretty natural. Even this single application can be a great deal of support and help for new players integration.

I have only given 2 examples here… And these are fragments of examples from a very consistent project. And
But it is impossible to write all these in the post, Definitely requires some degree of expertise around the subject and a “Holistic Approach” to understand and apply.
This is One-way communication. I am not motivated or encouraged by CCP. If you want I can write up educational/experience requirements for the staff you need.

This is a circle. I will use the analogy: Ouroboros here… At the moment with no social integration policies and inadequate initiation process CCP feeding the players from the TAIL and players see how they have been swallowed suddenly with no awareness. And they leave. Social integration policies cause players to feed to a circle close to the middle or even to the head part and they have time to stay in the game and learn until they are also eaten by the head and digest, get mature and join the circle!
Both for CCP new player experience and old players experience.

I do hear from a lot of veteran players, they are deeply sad about CCP’s attention towards new players. and all other things what you call it literally “WHINING”

CCP introduced a lot of changes and new “things” into the game. And sometimes leave many things half done and broken behind… and more “whining” follows up.
And the word we often hear is breaking the “STAGNATION “

For the sake of coming over “stagnation”… that “word” though….

It is just a result and a surficial limited and simplified reflection of what’s going on.
The video game world changed … player profiles changed … there is a lot of competition out there and you want a bigger slice from the cake I do understand,
I do understand all efforts to break the “stagnation”
What I am having a hard time understanding is the way you are initiating every nerf, buff every new aspect and application that reflects NO understanding about underneath individual /social-psychological mechanisms of STAGNATION. There are solid calculations, strategies and structured approaches out there! But it’s nearly impossible to see anything resembling that in your applications in-game. You are losing people and sorry but “Losing that much amount of players “ is not a NATURAL result. Do NOT calm yourself down and rationalise the loss as a natural downside result of this operation. Please take responsibility and take a step and evaluate what’s going on. that is nothing else than the same lazy excuse of yours like oh there are not many female players in eve because they aren’t interested in science fiction. ! I can show you dozens of research which shows and proofs this is not true !

Let me explain a bit :
In the old days before skill injectors, the only way to gain skill points was waiting for real-time skill training and even at the beginning you have been faced to lose these skill points… then over years, one application and another first skill point losses were removed and injectors applied. Still Eve online greatly requires a long time to learn (both skill-training and learning game )and for many people who cannot afford skill injectors one way or another time is a matter.

It is a game that greatly leans on long term gratification. Success depends on purpose or destination through long term dedication, planning, adaptation, focus and patience.

On the other hand, many games in the market have pretty much short term gratification and very quick direct short compulsion loop patterns. I have previously introduced CCP to a project to tackle this challenge without breaking the game’s nature.
The reason I need to mention is this long term gratification creates very special conditions. Make one change: the player begins to train the ship to be able to use its full potential takes 1.5 years when the player reaches out to that point you nerf the ship brings “balance “ to the game and it becomes useless.

You shouldn’t underestimate the effect of these and see them as just whining and a “collateral damage “for better health and the future of the game. Without its players the game is NOTHING. Your jobs and that company too.

Some players leave the game and they come back … some never come back. There are always new players who come and join and over time these players replace the new players.
Let me explain. player base who start playing this game let’s take the year 2009. had encountered EvE Online far more challenging conditions. And currently, they are more invested than any player who starts around 2019.
They used more time, more money, more energy, they encountered far more hardships over years wave after wave and they stayed.

Losing one veteran player for you is far more expensive actually than losing one potential new player. Because your game design ground requires the dedication of those old players. And you need adequate active players to stay in the game and engage in this intense interconnected environment. And every new player you say potentially nominee of becoming a veteran… but Considering today’s market and a lot of other games and player behaviours shaped and moulded with these games mindsets makes it very very difficult for you to replace every veteran player loss with a new player in long term. Because of their expectations resiliences, options are far more different than 10-15 years ago. And they are more customised for today’s instant gratification culture.

As a result, I do see all your efforts to make the game attractive for the New player base and you are trying to evolve and develop this game so it has more chances in this race at the same time you want to take it out of stagnation.
I do understand. I do support and I respect that. Now if you read these. I will be going to pan those onto some well-researched facts and I will explain why you are failing and how can you turn the sail and make it right :

BUT first:

We heard this word “stagnation” but let’s take a closer look :
To be able to understand what I’m talking about you need to read and understand these terms and know at least as description lvl. I will also give some research references at the end of my post you may go over and read it.

Sunk Cost Fallacy
Endowment Effect
Status Quo Bias
Prospect Theory
Loss Aversion / Risk Aversion
Prospect theory

Sunk cost fallacy is a natural human tendency that people commit when they continue a behaviour or endeavour as a result of previously invested resources. Here we see veteran Eve online players. And this is something the CCP took it granted from old players. There is a game they have dedicated over a decade. They are already in a good position or some kind of satisfaction and maturation in the game … even they go out to try some other games none of those games will give them feeling that dedication, commitment, the investment they have already given to Eve Online…sometimes people eat more than they normally do if they already think that they paid a lot for it. Yes, they will come back … maybe… Human beings also have a tendency to measure the value of the things they have more than what has been offered to them in exchange. That’s what we call the endowment effect. Let’s go back to the term sunk cost fallacy and elaborate it from there into status quo bias: people prefer things to stay the same by doing nothing or by sticking with a decision made previously. And there is a certain inertia in Eve Online. That pattern you can see in citizens of Diaspar ( A.C.Clarke City and the Stars) or turtles which pass all Atlantic ocean to drop their eggs onto west coast Africa … because they were doing this for millions of years since the times actually those two coasts had been very very close to each other. Also if you think many companies are different from turtles … No, this explains why CCP is still making the same mistakes again and again with the way they are wiring and applying those changes. Status quo bias working actually in two ways here… No matter it looks like CCP trying to break it And players resisting it … status quo bias is there on both sides just in different masquerades… (Players -game style), (CCP- the way they are designing and applying those changings.) Both reflect the same bias. And therefore it keeps failing.

Well, this post was officially written to break CCP’s stagnation. And would like to encourage them to use some more finely crafted social psychological and economic behavioural strategies in their applications. Because there are a lot of very clear well researched action-result strategies which not surprisingly works! ( lol) . Just requires a tremendous amount of out of box thinking, creativity and holistic perspective. ( not “adapting” stuff you see in other games)

Let’s elaborate on Status Quo bias towards the Prospect theory and loss aversion: Then talk about how to make lemonade.
Prospect theory is about how people decide between alternatives that involve risk and uncertainty according to the possibility of gain or loss. And human beings experience the heaviness of loss as twice stronger than the pleasure of gaining and this nature simply explains loss aversion. and also there is a lot of research around this phenomenon. We do remember negative events and experiences more clearly than the positive ones as a side mirror reflection of this nature too. Extension of this; human beings become volunteers to take the risk to not to lose MORE than to gain something.

And another well-researched data is human to show those tendencies, even stronger IF there are SO many options, choices and alternatives and results are unpredictable.Predictable inputs lead to stagnant outputs ! Do you remember this ? Yes if you read up to here now you know what you understand from that message ?..
The way you use that frame is TOTALLY wrong ! ill placed and ill described ! There is a serious logic defect there. Totally up against countless proofs ITs like humming some songs you don’t even understand the true meaning of.

. Familiar ??? ! Yess!

You are coming there…

While stagnation CCP constantly attacks on breaking and changing. if you read up to now… you can see it is also actually one of the unique things that makes Eve Online’s player base more different than others. This is Something CCP MUST NOT ATTACK! But MUST cleverly MICROMANAGE. This is NOT Eve Online’s weakness but its strength.

Here I will share some examples about how to

  1. Get smart and get aware of your own “stagnation” ( explained).

  2. Use proactive ( example given) approach and strategies.

  3. Avoid sharp turns instead apply small different strategies to break “stagnation” and for further changes, you would like to apply to the game based on acknowledgement and research. Begin to develop some muscles around it and cooperate with expert professionals. With the right composition of well-designed strategies, you can avoid all those side effects effectively. Use less time, energy and money and gain more. ( if you think you are doing it already please go back to nr 1 Because you don’t. I can’t see any intelligent reflections of it in the game )

  4. Frame accurate and functional, Right time and right place. There are several dimensions on framing … this covers a large variety of actions/interactions from game design to communications with the community. And use the “FRAMING” along with “NUDGES”, which might be unusual and applications into EvE Online requires a well-grounded understanding of the mechanics of this game, the way it has developed over time and a full understanding of players mental psychological processing around the game and judgmental heuristics. There are some hilarious nudges you can apply that players don’t take an eye scratching insult to their intelligence but take it hilariously fun and smart. you have data analysts and you can easily spot these.
    Creating compulsion loops and instant gratification classic gaming company tactics chewed a lot, ordinary yes it works but also too obvious… in EvE online creating these and applying not a problem at all without breaking and ruining the original game design idea. Even though games nature leans on long term gratification. And it’s very possible to come over risk-averse behaviours esp on PVP and gain more PVP mindset pilots into the game. I have mentioned this in my player speaker submission and sent it to CCP before so I will not go into more details here and I don’t have enough space here to explain everything.
    I shared an idea with @suitonia some weeks ago. That one is a very good example: one shot and 4 birds. “Dynamic FW idea “ can provide less risk-averse behaviour, create more content and a more nurturing environment for the pilots who are eager to dip their feet into PVP. As well as the challenge seeking more competitive pilots. Moreover, that can be one very great example of a “ higher risk higher reward” application in a game. Incentivise groups as well as solo PVP. It’s very easy to do and I strongly suggest you talk to @suitonia around this idea applies to the game. He already has some numbers in his head I think.

  5. Be Consistent. Be Accountable, trustable. Investigate not GAMBLE.
    Status quo bias gears up and gets even worse if there is a lot of “unknown’’ on the equations while people are calculating risks. Risk is in the nature of EvE. CCP is a profit-oriented company. CCP is not EVE Online, This means you have a very narrow window to make mistakes when it comes to everything that may impact players’ decision-making process. Games nature is risk involved, yes. But what you are doing is sometimes simply not making conscious decisions based on solid acknowledgement, but simply gambling! That shouldn’t give you relaxation to apply some changes into the game unannounced and not even properly working as expected, Or misinform players.
    For example, I have heard from CCP in the podcast that Starvation is not temporary, it is permanent. After that post cast, one and a half months long, I had read posts in Eve Online forums that people had been talking about this condition as a temporary condition and they have been debating about how to pass through these hard times and adapt until all go back to “normal” with “hopes”. Now the CCP is announcing the end of starvation. This is a very simple example of how you handle the framing, communications. That also explains a lot why people cannot make any sense of your post which fallow up with EVE eco system eve online forum post you opened

This example is a single-handedly very good example to explain how CCP feeds stagnation. Because this is one of the most primal reasons for stagnation. You are breaking your accountability. That causes people to become even more risk-averse. When status quo bias and sunk cost fallacy gear up high and stagnation you feed increase to the point that players will not hold the mental accounts anymore separated.

Also please consider that I cannot and will not share every micro and macro solution here. I did only give a couple of examples and if you read up to now you know it requires some level of expertise and mindset. Once more since 3 of march… I do share a piece of knowledge and perspective. I don’t even sure if anybody will read it from the CCP. And this post is for the CCP. Not for the player base. CCP shows this place to share. So I do.
Last note to CCP.
If your player base is “whining “, “angry “ and “resentful” … remind yourself this :
“Though anger seems a pessimistic response to a situation, it is at root a symptom of hope: the hope that the world can be better than it is.” ( Alain D Button.
This is your treasure. I do not say listen to every whine and whimpers and apply solutions for that game. It’s unreasonable and madness. But I do suggest you look into a more optimistic way and stop saying if you don’t like it just leave it! You don’t have that luxury. Says math, experts and successful company leaders. And begin to use some well researched and already optimized methods.
“If they don’t like it then they leave ‘’ If you read this post up to now. Then you see that The CCP who told this to the player base who has nothing but a butcher sensitivity in the operating room who needs to be able to use fine sets of surgical scalpels. EvE is harsh, players might say these kinds of sentences. But for CCP as a company to say something like that, they must be losing their perspective, forget where they are standing, worse than that they never had that professional acknowledgement and seeing this through to use fine social-psychological aspects. Which also hurts the player’s trust, causes anger and resentment in the player base and people react! Which so many did in forums. and this hurts the image of CCP. Also a huge framing application failure.
When there is no whining, no anger and resentment. That day is the date late for all.
@CCP_Hellmar , @CCP_Convict , @CCP_Dopamine , @CCP_Fleebix , @CCP_Fozzie


reserved for references and sources

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also fun read for everybody, bear in mind this is actually very minor thing within my suggestions but fun to play around can be very creative :The 7 Most Creative Examples of Habit-Changing Nudges | by Yannick Bikker | The Startup | Medium


reserved for notes


Of course, I’m not CCP - No one on these boards are.
So maaaaabye you should have written a physical letter and sent it…

–Postmaster Gadget


OK. lol

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While I admire your effort in writing this letter, your mentioning of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) made me frown. CBT is a method to treat mental health disorders. Equating a ship loss in EvE with real loss in life is perhaps over stretching it, to say the least.

Eve is as rough and tough as one wants to make it - and a lot of it can be avoided too - but it is a Game. And there’s plenty of warning out there, official and non-official, that the game is tough. "The loss is real is a meme, let’s face it, and is true only in the sense that you have to scrape some isk together to buy the next ship. If that requires therapy, well then there’s other issues that should be addressed first before hopping into an online game.

There is no level of hand holding that will ever succeed in keeping players on board. In fact it’s quite the opposite. It takes a certain mentality to enjoy the full game and to stick with it. That is undeniable. The only thing that alleviates part of the learning is the community itself, the contacts, corpies, friends you can learn from and get support from. That is what ccp should aim for - not skill plans, lol.

Those who don’t want to learn, on their own or from others in an expedited manner, will not stay. That is the first hurdle everyone has had to take. Some of it could be eased by ccp, by at least providing decent documentation - even the UI is completely undocumented - but they gave up on that a long time ago, instead relying on what some of us do daily in the rookie help channel, and sites like eve uni.


I am a mental health professional. And no, CBT as theory and practice lvl actually brings set of tools and practices , is not only use for mental health disorders. And i have mentioned CBT there to underline the idea and the application… not like taking people into expensive "therapy sessions " :slight_smile:

No need to frown. %99 of cases we practice have been on healthy population and it has great preventative effect . As well as very strong tool with a very large range of area of application. :slight_smile:

cheer up .

I have run project in EVE Online nearly a year . had %80 retention rate with new players. CCP knows this too…

SO be positive :slight_smile:

I do agree with this just I don’t think it’s the only way. YES, CCP can do a lot of things to support this process… But they don’t. Instead, they are wasting time and energy on less effective stuff.


I’m positive that you have a passion for Eve and its players, and that you want to bring in your professional views and experience to advise ccp. A lot of us do, in fact, on these forums.

I’m also positive that we differ in opinion on “nice to have’s” and “need to have’s” in order for this game to maintain even the current number of PCU and keep it stable. Retention rate over the first few weeks, very much like viewer ratings for tv, should not be dogma.

However, I’m not so positive about our dear game designer’s ability to follow through on their own vision. Too many irons in the fire, most of the time … and not enough communication.


If its a letter to CCP how come it references CCP in the third person?


i do tell myself too "BE Positive ! " i have really tried to make that letter shorter… If i wrote everything takes like 300 pages which is insane … i cut from here over there… i tried to pick some good clear examples… i have limit the number of ideas i can present.
I love the game and i love the community. But the things you mentioned up there… By knowing even they will not read it . noone cares . Makes it very hard to find motivation and heart to sit and write up… IT was hard… really.
Im greatefull also for you and everybody at least use their time to read, understand and answer. But im realistic and i know its up to CCP , Not to us. and i know they dont want to listen.
They are so adoring and in awe with things they are doing… And they have many who clapping them …
i just play the kid who step up and say
“king is naked” i just also take a picture and add it with this letter.
and i know im not alone


Yep, their current NPE approach is one that tries to attack very short term (hours, first couple of days) issues but strangely enough completely ignores the major complaints in that time period. Polishing won’t do much good - and hasn’t up to now. It’s a vision focused on very short term experience to pump up a number, but it is not a basis for long term retention. Trying to please a crowd that swaps games several times per year is the wrong thing to do.
Long term retention is what really matters, and that does not come automatically either. Getting into the community spirit of EvE is one possible way to do it, being honest about the true nature of the game via advertising and articles is quite necessary. EvE is tough, harsh and not everyone has what it takes to play it. The setting of New Eden is one of survival, and lo and behold, it’s the Eve communities, in their myriad of forms, that make that survival possible. An ideal focal point.

Luckily we have the CSM. People like Mike, Brisc, Suitonia and others make sure this sort of feedback goes straight to ccp central. So, don’t lose hope :smiley:


No Jordan Peterson ?

I am dissapointed.

I agree this is a very important topic that needs more attention from CCP. I have only been playing for around a year but I have a few things I want to talk about.
First is isk making for new players. when you first start the game you have very little isk and no idea how to make it. this makes loosing a 5 mill ship difficult since it might take you hours to make it back. currently the most common things new players are told to do to make isk is get a venture and go mine, first of all mineing in a venture is very boring, you sit in a belt targeting and mineing new asteroids every 5 min or so. this is vastly different from what people expect eve to be and what they downloaded eve to experience which is the big fights where you see a small ship weaving in and out of bigger ships avoiding the shots of an opponent, seeing the big explosions and massive ships fight each other, hearing the comms of the winning side of a battle where everyone is congratulating each other on the intense fight they just won. and then they ask in rookie help how to pvp and people tell them to go to lowsec, so they badly fit a ship they have no idea how to use and get killed as soon as they enter lowsec by a tama gatecamp looseing their ship they bought from a hour of mineing. meaning they will quit because who wants to download what looks to be a very fun and intense game to then just spend a hour of your time doing the most boring thing you can think of and looseing it all.
There should be a way new players can make 20 mill per hour while dong something exciting and fun. that way old players do not take advantage of easy isk because it is not enough per hour to make them consider doing it. and if there was something integrated into it where you could learn about the mechanics of eve like how to find corps and fit ships and use the mods you fitted on your ships. for example make in rookie systems you could make a combat site that would drop overseer effects that could be sold to a npc in a station in that system. so they learn about combat and how the market works. the rats in the site could be set up to shoot you till hull and then they would warp off so you would have to go rep and come back to finish. when you first start the game there can be a video that plays for you that describes how you warp around and shoot and the basics of ship fitting. fir example when i first started eve i had no clue how to use the gump gates to move around. i would set a system as my destination and then use autopilot to get there because nothing ever told me that when i set something as my destination the stargate on my overview that i needed to go through would turn yellow.

second is feeling more immersed in the game. one big thing i notice about eve trailers is the sound. when a ship avoids a bullet there is a woosh or when the video get closer to a ship you hear a roaring or wine from what might be the propultion systems. i know eve does this already to an extent but it all feels to weak if you will. when i listen to the sounds in the eve trailers of the ships i am reminded of a supercar accelerating. while when i zoom into my ship in eve i get a lawn mower noise. not the same. when you enter warp maby there should be a higher pitch noise like a engine at a higher rpm, or when you go through a planrt in warp maby a whoosh. these can all be thing you could turn off in the settings but could be cool as a new player,


This isn’t even on CCPs radar. First of all, we get very few new players. Second, most of the people you think are “griefers” are actually pirates, meaning they are PvPing for isk not to simply be an asshole. In that regard your entire post falls flat because new players have very little in terms of assets and isk and are very rarely a target for piracy. And my last point, if someone needs therapy after losing an internet spaceship they’re quite simply not cut out for EvE Online and should go play another game.

Trying to make Eve safer or more accepting is the incorrect move. Rather, CCP should be focused on attracting the kind of player that will stick with Eve by marketing something other than lame Null-Sec blobs.


most people pvp because it is fun. not because they want to be a asshole or for isk. and we get quite a few new players. i have hung out a lot in todaki which is a rookie system and often there are people who say hello in local and ask for help. and i dont know what you mean by “new players have very little in terms of assets and isk and are very rarely a target for piracy” if i am in lowsec and i see a heron or merlin i am going to kill it before i think about how old they are because i pvp for fun. not because i think they may have loot inside. and a great way to make isk as a new player in eve is to get a 3 mill heron and go wh hacking. greak risk vs reward but it does mean you can get killed. and i agree about your null sec blob being a problem. ccp can just as easily market the game through small gang lowsec pvp vs that


If playing video games affects you that much in real life, then you are the type of person that shouldn’t be playing video games in the first place…


If you think making isk is difficult how do you get a 5m isk ship to lose in the first place? All the free ones are worth between 10k and around 500k.

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player donations, i will give 10 mill to any new player who asks for it and tells me what they are going to do with it. though i would probably go and teach them how to do that thing so i know they will not waist the isk

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First, I greatly admire your IRL contributions to humanity. Well done.

I would not have read all that at all if it had not come from someone who has put so much effort into EvE.
You know that trying to tell ccp these things is futile at this point especially. I’m sorry, but you know it’s too late now. EvE is fading out. It’s such a good game in it’s players and root concepts that it may take awhile, but the EvE Götterdämmerung is in progress. You know this or you wouldn’t have written such a statement which contains a bit of an undertone of sadness and alarm along with elements of truth. I believe you are quite aware that ccp is very unlikely to even read your letter, much less act on it.

We disagree on that…loss in this game teaches HTFU, which is pretty handy in a harsh game