Level 4 Mining Missions

I thought this would have been sorted but crystals do not work in Modulated Strip Miner II’s when trying to mine mission ore. Example Polygypsum is Arkonor, Complex Asteroid Mining Crystal Type A is for mining Arkonor but you get an error message when trying to mine the ore. Could someone please explain the reason for this, there is no point in doing the missions at the moment

The reason is probably a typical CCP solution to a problem they created: Because they cannot exempt mission ores from Waste, they made it so that you can’t use modules/ammo on them that create waste. To get the ore/gas, you have to use T1 equipment that doesn’t generate Waste but is ridiculously slow.



I just used T1 mining drones for New frontier part 1.

I am having the same issue. I hope they can resolve would like to do missions.

use t1 mining drones, or t1 mining equipment…

So I need to level up missions to use T1 equipment and T1 crystals and T1 drones, lol. This is a bug or known issue I hope to God? Dev needs to answer this. Thanks for the response Geo Eclipse Oksaras.

You skill up to be able to use T1 equipment, which once you even inject a skill, you can use T1 equipment which is any module that does not have a orange/yellow logo in the corner with II in it.

moving up from level 1 to level 2 or 3, you may or may not consider using T2 mods depending on if there is more ORE than needed in the asteroid field. if it has the exact amount you need, you would still want to use T1 equipment…

TBH, mining missions produce the least amount of isk out of any missions…

I know just wanted to get some loyalty points and something to do other then mine regular ore.

you get LP from any mission type… it also depends on your skills… your security connections, mining connections etc raises the LP you get per mission by 10% per level.

Security Missions if you have Security Connections at 5 still give the most LP out of all missions.

distribution or courier missions, are the quickest to grind and the quickest to get to the 16th mission if you choose to do storylines. (must be doing the same level type (ie L4) and same faction to get the storyline mission)

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