LF Galmil corp

Playing on and off for a long time. Mostly WH’s, tired of scanning. Looking for something different. looking to get into faction wars want to try Gallente.

Hey Aeryn,

Maybe we are a good fit. we are a small but growing corp fighting on the Gallente side. We are laidback without CTA’s and mandatory ops.

How big of an issue is TZ for you? I’m US West coast.

that is a big difference… by the time we go offline you come online. might be better for you if you join a corp in your TZ or a bigger one with more TZ’s anyway

you are welcome with us :grinning:

Thanks for the offer but im intent on FW.

Still LF for Galmil corp US TZ


Still LF Gallente FW corp. Ruined my standing a long time ago so I can’t join without corp.

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