LF Guild Leader

Hello, my name is Frank, aka Deathology. I run a fairly large gaming community and was wanting to add EVE Online to our community.

Seeking a GM that will make and run a new guild or bring over their existing guild to join our community

-Must be active almost daily and love this game
-Must recruit when playing to keep active members
-Must think large scale guild (we do Not want small scale guilds)
-Must use Discord and engage other members to be involved in Discord

Perks include:

-Paid monthly Omega sub via PayPal
-Device replacement program (gaming mouse, headset or keyboard breaks, we replace free)

Access to our leaders channel which include more perks. (Trust me, they are very nice perks)
Interested? Email me @ taecommunity@gmail.com
(Also tell me your gaming experience when you email and if you can meet the must requirements)

Serious inquiries only!
Have questions? Comment below :thumbsup:

You can also contact me on Discord: Deathology#7612

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So to save you getting grilled, in EVE; guilds are called corps or corporations. People who use the term guild, usually get flamed out for being WoW fags.

I’m not overly interested in running another alliance, however i’d have no issue being a second opinion of sorts. I’ve been playing for three years now, constantly. Below i’ll link my discord, feel free to join it and introduce yourself, i’d be more than happy to help build on the EVE community and send content your way aswell as help teach newer bros, because trust me, EVE is a massive game, that will take you years to get your head around, I’ve only recently been willing to consider myself fairly competent in most aspects of the game.

If nothing else, I wish you the best of luck in growing our community and introducing more people to EVE.

Have a good one o7

Still looking of anyone is interested. Offering shard Netflix, HBO Now and Hulu accounts as part of the perks too

Giving free stuff here lol. It shouldn’t be that hard to find someone with dedication.