LF Hot-Dropper PvP Corp/Alliance/Group [LS/NS] [EUTZ]

I know this is a long shot because I’m looking for a very specific gameplay style but here goes nothing.

What I’m looking for:

  • Regular Hot Drops (Combat Blops/T3Cs and the occasional Dreadbomb.)
  • Not blue to major coalitions.
  • Small or Mid-Sized group where we know each other individually.
  • Mature, “ships are ammo” attitude.

What I’ll provide:

  • Regular fleet participation, contributing to your objectives.
  • Ships and the fits I’ll be using. No SRP or hand-holding required.
  • Mature, “ships are ammo” attitude.

Please don’t reply if:

  • Your corp is part of a mega bloc. (Occasional collaboration is fine.)
  • You don’t have recent/regular hot-dropping activity.
  • Maintaining a “green image” in zkillboard is more important to you then having fun with space explosions.

You can message me here on the forums or contact me via in-game mail to Hot Drop Mike. I’ll be checking and bumping the thread regularly.

Specter Fleet?

Not sure the first word goes with the rest of the sentence. If you think ships are ammo, it just encourages CCP to screw with the economy. Unless you dropping in stealth bombers all the time and freeloading off the other people always risking expensive BLOPS and T3C’s, that gameplay has a cost associated to it.

People cannot ‘make’ hot drop content any more than they can summon up an incursion on demand.

Unsolicited input, but I’ll take it as a free bump.

Weekend bump, let’s yeet.

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