LF Mining/Industrial Nullsec

Hey all,

I’m still relatively new the game but im looking to join a corp in null for mining/industry. I am US Eastern timezone currently but I am moving soon to a EU timezone.

Current compilation I am running:
1 Orca - 15m SP
3 Covertor - All roughly 1.5m SP and possibly push up to 3 more depending
1 Hauler - 1m SP
1 Cyno if I end going to null - created but not plex’d

My long term goals are to put the 3 miners in Exhumers and then work them up to orcas/rorquals while making my hauler a jump freighter.

I’m willing to learn how to pvp but id like to establish myself with the industry first since i’m really enjoying it.

Look forward to talking to many people and beginning connections.

Thank you


Let’s talk more about it in our discord?

hey there, you’re welcome to come and join us or come for a chat on discord to see if we are what you are looking for. We own all of Impass as part of the RMC (we aren’t renters) and we have many vets. Check out our recruitment poster - Check our of summer special offer - Free beer, 20% off drugs and 30% off in any brothel - #30 by Clara_Precesdei or for more info on joining - start [WR0NG Alliance Wiki]. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Plz take a look on our form and let me know if you like to chat then plz join our discord

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