LF non-blue donut null group

First off, yes this is a posting alt. I am looking for a smaller null group that isn’t blued to everyone. I love fighting and dropping on stuff. I’m more than happy to lose ships and capitals on the regular. Better than being in station. Need to have a non-toxic atmosphere. The idea of being in a group like PL who spergs about killboards and kicks people for memorial roams is so cringy to me. So basically I want a small to mid size group who likes to fight. Also a group who can actually protect a rorqual would be nice as I love to make isk like the next dude.

What i have to offer:
I bleed accounts out of all my bodily orfices
Have ran corps before so have administration experience
Have been an fc since I started playing
Will sweat over fits for hours on end
Willingness to buy expensive stuff and field multiple accounts/caps
I am a capital builder

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My name is CaseyLP. I’m a recruiter for Aideron Robotics. We are a member of Federation Uprising, a Gallente Militia corporation. We have fought against the “blue donut” many different times and we currently stand our ground in null as well, and we, along with our Gallente Militia allies, hold 19 systems in the Cloud Ring region which we call Galmilistan. We fought against the blue donut to get to where we are.

We offer our members many different activities to keep yourself busy, including, but not limited to, lowsec pvp, nullsec pvp, nullsec ratting, nullsec mining, industry, and logistics (jump freighter).

We have our own personal Jump Freighter program so anything you need to get shipped can be shipped within a day or two from Jita at a low price. We also have a good industrial backbone, and can always use more capital builders. We have an Azbel that you can use for exactly that purpose.

As Federation Uprising is a medium sized alliance consisting of 421 members as of the current moment every single person has a place in the group. (we also do monthly purges so all of our members are active).

If you would like to learn more, head on over to our public discord channel at https://discord.gg/dep24XD and ping me or another recruiter or just speak up as our discord is very active.

Fly safe o7


I’m Square, CEO of Deepwood.

I think we can offer exactly the type of thing you’re looking for!

We’re in the small Vanguard Coalition alliance of Deus Vult. and together with Triumvirate. our mission is to murder the big blue donut! We live in Insmother in the south, and content is all around us 24/7. We don’t care about KB stats, to us EVE is a social game, and banter on coms and fun fights are way more important than your isk efficiency.

Being that we’re in an all-out war, mining and PvE is not really what we set out to do atm. Rather, get in a ship, shoot people and have fun on coms!

If this sounds good, send me a mail in-game, join our corp discord (https://discord.gg/UqVXRHd) and poke your head in our public channel: Deepwood Public

See you in space!

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Cock and Balls my dude
That has absolutely nothing to do with my favorite corp, but I think this thread is already getting cluttered with post so I have to distinguish myself somehow.

Hopefully I got just a snippet of your attention, but that’s really all I need. I’ll get right to the point,
I’m the personnel director of Legends Unbound or (LEUB for short :wink: ) We are a Indy PvP corp based in Null sec. We are very well established and have gone head to head with Alliances like NC, MC, PL and a few other random corps, we’re still here, so you can imagine how that went for us. With that all said, we are a very relaxed corp, maybe more than you are looking for. Nothing is mandatory here, you do as you please so long as you aren’t killing you corpmates. There’s obviously a big list of things I could post here, but I doubt you want to read that now.

Feel free to send me a message ingame if you are interested and don’t forget about Cock and Balls my dude


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