Greetings o/,
I’m back on board after some years of absence from the game, With this PG I prefer to play PVE content in high security space, actually I have a lot of ships in Hek. I have 12milion SP and for real I don’t remember very well all the things about the game and so I will be glad to join a corp to share info and fun :slightly_smiling_face:
I play usually in the evening of EU time.
Please to let me know if you could be the Corp I am looking for.


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Hey Dars! While my corporation is mostly nullsec based, we do have very profitable moon mining stations available near Hek, and in other places of highsec. Take a look at the corp ad I have out for Instrumentaility of Trade : )

Thank you for your answer but Mining and industry are not my targets right now. Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

Well, we also have lots of PvE content in our nullsec pocket. NPC Dreadnaughts spawning, very high end Angel sites, etc.

My corp is a small friendly corp but we could help you get set up for running missions and running hisec DED complexes if thats what you are into.

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