LF Some Chilled RORQ mining

As title says looking to just chill out and rorq mine.

im not really playing eveonline a lot at the moment im playing other games but while im playing them I can also rorq mine as there not intense games or anything.

I have around 40m skill points not really looking to keep any ore will probs just sell it to some buy back program.

leave a message here or inbox me any info you would like. thanks o/

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you just want to rorq mine then you won’t be of much use to any corporation right? Besides the ores you bring in… You’d prob be better off if you would engage in activities that a corp has to offer like pvp, pve or fleet events for example. You’d be more of an asset to a corp…

well I have a chara with a pvp super and I also have another toon with 200m sp in only pvp

and another 2 rorqs pilots but as im not playing much sure im not an assest as im also pointless me paying for these accounts as im not playing

have 5 accounts in total but its probs not worth telling everyone this as I wont be using them

maybe when im settled in I might play eve more but enjoying other game at the moment more

Maybe check for a renter alliance that don’t have that many requirements?

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